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Top Book Blogs 12/2011

[Bookslut] It's a Moral Dilemma
Sara Zarr continues to chart the ever-challenging family dynamic with her latest title How to Save a Life. Teenager Mandy is pregnant and harboring multiple secrets when she accepts an unlikely proposal from grieving widow Robin. This has all the...

[Bookslut] Why the Child is Cooking in the Polenta by Aglaja Veteranyi
veteranyi aglaja why the child is cooking

[Bookslut] Event Factory by Renee Gladman
gladman renee event factory

[Bookslut] Golden Age Obituaries
December wasn't kind to comic book legends. Joe Simon died only a few weeks ago. His work encompassed superheroes, romance, horror, and satire -- but as every obituary headline reminded us, he was best known as the co-creator of Captain...

[Bookslut] An Interview with Nate Slawson
Nate Slawson could be the poet laureate of a tiny city-state with no official borders and a dozen or more national anthems everyone knows by heart. This is how I think of him, though he actually lives in Chicago where...

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