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Top Book Blogs 03/2012

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Mar 01, 2012 @ 4:00:00 am
Emily Gould on the latest VIDA report, AWP kicks off, and more.

[The Millions] Ban This Book: An Uncensored Look At The Lorax And Other Dangerous Books
1. The movie adaptation of The Lorax premieres on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss’ birthday. His yellow-mustached crusader now appears on countless billboards and buses, and stars in environmentally conscious ads. I’m pleased that the grumpy guy is getting so much attention. He speaks for the trees (the

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Agendas on the Internet
The Information Welfare State

[NYT] Live Performance Will Be Bigger Part of PEN World Voices Festival
The annual PEN World Voices literary festival, to be held this year from April 30 through May 6, will include Herta Muller, Martin Amis, Ludmila Ulitskaya, festival chairman Salman Rushdie and a contingent from the Middle East, as well as E.L. Doctorow, Jennifer Egan, Paul Auster and Claire Messud.

[Baby Got Books] Nick Flynn on Fresh Air
Nick Flynn, author of Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, was on Fresh Air last night.  The book has been adapted into a movie called Being Lynn.  Nick Flynn and director Paul Weitz are interviewed by Not Terry Gross.  Sadly.  It’s a fantastic interview.  (Maybe Weitz calls DeNiro

[The Millions] Voting is open for the 3QD Prize
Voting is open for the 3 Quarks Daily Literature Prize! We are proud to tell you that nine essays from The Millions have been nominated, alongside over 50 other worthy contenders. Take a look, and don’t forget to cast your vote!

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Give me some space
That's what puts it in the dumb domain of causation

[The Millions] On The Rise of the Book Trailer
“These are terrific diversions, but their status next to the book is a little ambiguous. Isn’t using animation to advertise a book a little like using sculpture to promote poetry?” asks Lindesay Irvine in this article about book trailers in The Guardian.  If you’re looking

[The Millions] The Language of Another World: A New Yorker in Munich
1. Yesterday, for the first time since arriving in Munich 10 days ago, I successfully ordered a glass of water. This is much harder than it sounds. German waiters never offer you water with the menu, which means you have to order it; but make sure to ask specifically for tap water, or else

[The Millions] “Living, chattering evidence that people still care deeply about books”
How Electric Lit’s Kristopher Jansma learned to stop eworrying about ebooks and love his Kindle Fire.  

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Re-branding the Right
Republicans are worried this election could be their last chance to stop history

[The Millions] The VIDA 2011 count
VIDA, an organization that promotes gender parity in the literary arts, has tallied up the 2011 bylines and book reviews from some of the bigger magazines . Granta was the only publication to achieve parity, but they did have an issue devoted entirely to feminism, so that may be skewing the

[The Millions] For Your Delectation
Today’s edition of Book Reviews Worth Reading: Kathryn Schulz‘s first official outing as the book critic for New York Magazine (on the late Anthony Shadid‘s House of Stone) and Anti-Matter author Ben Jeffery‘s take on Houellebecq’s The Map and the Territory. (While

[Salon Books] The accessible Emerson
Read this story at (link) Continue Reading...

[Lit Saloon] José Saramago's Claraboya
       AFP reports that 'Lost' novel by dead Nobel laureate published, as José Saramago's early novel, Claraboya, has finally been published: Saramago sent the manuscript for Claraboya, which tells the tale of residents of a Lisbon apartment building, through

[Lit Saloon] Oprah: not so good for books after all ?
       So it turns out that Oprah's Book Club apparently wasn't much more for the book business than a fancy bait-'n'-switch scheme: as Brad Plumer sums up at The Washington Post's Wonkblog, Oprah: Good for reading, terrible for book sales.

[Lit Saloon] Slate Book Review, coming soon
       In The New York Times Julie Bosman reports that Slate to Begin a Monthly Review of Books.        [Aside: much as I continue to fail to understand the publishing industry, so too I am baffled by 'journalism': why do I get

[Lit Saloon] Kim Yong-ik profile
       At Yonhap Charles Montgomery has an interesting profile of a Forgotten literary pioneer decades ahead of his time, Kim Yong-ik: Kim's career writing in English began in 1957 and spanned nearly four decades. He published one book of folk tales, six novels,

[Lit Saloon] Krasznahorkai reviews
       The most recent additions to the complete review are my reviews of two recently translated Krasznahorkai László books: His 1985 novel (and the basis for the movie of the same name), Satantango (hey, it only took a little over ... a quarter of a

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012
Andrew Breitbart, Web entrepreneur and conservative propagandist, died on Wednesday night, apparently of natural causes, in Los Angeles. His death was unexpected, and the response to its announcement this morning was an odd and probably appropriate mixture of shock and suspicion. He was hugely

[NYT] 'Photographic Autobiography' of Rolling Stones Will Mark Band's 50th Anniversary
"The Rolling Stones at Fifty" will include photos that have not been seen before and new text from the band.

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: World Bleater by Alex Pareene
Spare a thought for poor Susie Breitbart. On January 17, 1998, her husband, conservative Web publisher Andrew Breitbart, got home "around midnight," went online (which took some time in those days), and eventually (with, he writes, an actual tear rolling down his cheek) turned in bed to

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Mar 2, 2012 @ 4:00:00 am
To protest a bill passed last year in the Tucson, Arizona, public school system that bans school curriculum "designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group," a group calling themselves Librotraficante have organized a book caravan to smuggle "contraband" books back into affected

[The Millions] Not Your Mother’s Book Club: The Oil Barons Society of Texas
In a South Texas parlor room, 10 men eagerly hold shots of bourbon in their hands. The television isn’t on, there are no fantasy football reports in sight, and no fraternity pledges cower in the corner. Together they raise their glasses and down the whiskey in one go. “Alright,” one says,

[NYT] Regional English, Tweet by Tweet
Twitter may be a rich source of information about regional language differences, a graduate student argues in a research paper.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: How to make Occupy catch on
The Occupy movement may be in retreat, but its ideas are advancing

[Baby Got Books] Friday Links
Pictionary: The Cormac McCarthy Edition - A BGB favorite Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion? by Johan Harstad has been named a finalist for Best Translated Book Awards.  Hurray!  Read our reviews here and here. Then read the book. The co-author of the Berenstain Bears passed

[The Millions] Books on Slate
This Friday Slate will premiere its first monthly book review feature. On the first weekend of every month, the Slate Book Review will take over the site’s main page.  Senior culture editor Dan Kois told the New York Times that he was displeased to watch newspaper after newspaper scrapping

[Guardian Books Blog] Reader reviews roundup
This week's digest of our favourite reader reviews sees Suzanne Collins, Terry Pratchett and Lawrence Durrell in the firing lineHello and welcome to the second instalment of our almost-but-not-quite-weekly roundup of reader reviews. Sorry we didn't manage to do any corralling last week – the

[The Millions] The Millions Top Ten: February 2012
We spend plenty of time here on The Millions telling all of you what we’ve been reading, but we are also quite interested in hearing about what you’ve been reading. By looking at our Amazon stats, we can see what books Millions readers have been buying, and we decided it would be fun to use

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Mar 2, 2012 @ 11:55:00 am
A review of Andrew Breitbart's Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World,.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The big debate
We might cover the story

[Guardian Books Blog] Institutional sexism of books world needs new girls' network
Womens' entry to the present old boys' club is not the only solution to gender inequalityFor those of us who pay attention, the Vida count was Groundhog Day all over again: new year, same dismal statistics, same sober/inadvertently hilarious excuse-making as editors try to explain away their lack of

[NYT] Three Hitchens Books to Be Revived
Twelve, an imprint of Hachette Books, will release three titles that had gone out of print by the prolific author Christopher Hitchens, who died in December.

[The Millions] Im in ur wasteland
Imagine if Shakespeare had written Pulp Fiction? Or if LOLcats had written “The Waste Land“?

[NYT] Graphic Books Best Sellers: Four at Four
"Fantastic Four: Season One" lands at No. 4 on this week's graphic books hardcover best-seller list.

[NYT] The Age of Oral Histories
Craig Taylor's "Londoners" is the latest in a recent flood of oral histories.

[The Millions] Details are vague
China Miéville on apocalyptic London for The New York Times Magazine:  “Standing so straight on a raised dais, in so immaculate a uniform that he looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy, the Metropolitan Police Service’s new commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, tells the conference in an

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Selected Caribbean contributions
Can Caribbean regional integration facilitate economic growth?

[NYT] Book Review Podcast: The Young Man and the Sea
Amber Dermont discusses her debut novel, "The Starboard Sea," on this week's Book Review podcast.

[The Millions] It is so vast!
“A Dozen Years In The Making, Highest Resolution Picture Of Universe Released.”

[Salon Books] Two spies at Napoleon’s court
Read this story at (link) Continue Reading...

[Lit Saloon] PEN World Voices Festival preview
       The full schedule will only be out 15 March, but the official site already offers a few highlights of the upcoming PEN World Voices Festival, which runs 30 April to 6 May in New York.        Great to see The Colonel-author

[Lit Saloon] Czech literary links with Scandinavia
       At Radio Praha David Vaughan has a Q & A with Martin Humpál, as they talk about: "Heaven, distance, light and dazzling brightness": Czech literary links with Scandinavia.

[Lit Saloon] More VIDA reactions and numbers
       In The Guardian Alison Flood and Michael Bonnet look at the VIDA 2011 Count -- see my previous mention -- noting Gender bias in books journalism remains acute, research shows.        Usefully, they tally up some more

[Lit Saloon] March issues
       Among March issues of online periodicals now available are Words without Borders' The Mexican Drug War-issue, and Open Letters Monthly's The Criticism Issue.

[Salon Books] The other Elizabeth Taylor
Read this story at (link) Continue Reading...

[The Millions] Kickstarter Trumps the NEA
Kickstarter is expecting to raise more than $150 million for its users’ projects in 2012. That’s $4 million more than the “entire fiscal year 2012 budget for the National Endowment of the Arts.” Maybe it’s because the NEA is wasting all of its money on that $1.3 billion

[The Millions] Carpal Tunnel is the new Broken Back
Parts of Mac McLelland’s Mother Jones piece, “I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave,” read like what Daniel Orozco might write had he worked in an major shipping warehouse instead of a human resources department.

[The Millions] The Fantastic Flying Books
Have you watched “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” yet? You should. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

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