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[Guardian Books Blog] Virginia Woolf and other great literary cooks
Publication by a US blog of a recipe for a cottage loaf Virginia Woolf might have cooked has revealed that America shares the British appetite for bookish cooksWhen the US food-and-lit blog Paper and Salt ( last week published a recipe for a cottage loaf as Virginia Woolf might have

[Guardian Books Blog] The battle of the literary magazines
The role of new writing magazine gets representatives of literary journals hot under the collarIn a week that saw the 50th anniversary of the first edition of the New York Review of Books, the London flagship branch of Foyles hosted a discussion between representatives of literary journals hoping to

[The Millions] Peeling Back the Oprah Seal: Ayana Mathis’s Twelve Tribes of Hattie
1. The office of literary agent Ellen Levine is a sun-struck jewel box of a place overlooking Madison Square Park and lined with shelves of signed first editions by Levine’s many famous clients, including Marilyn Robinson, Russell Banks, and Michael Ondaatje. Despite these trappings of power

[Guardian Books Blog] Which books could help overcome stress and depression?
Could the right book help deal with stress, eating disorders and depression? Add your suggested titles on the thread belowCan't sleep? Anxious? A book might be just the thing to help.Instead of just pills, the Reading Agency is suggesting GPs should prescribe books for patients with mild to moderate

[Guardian Books Blog] Attention 'artisan authors': digital self-publishing is harder than it looks
Showcasing your work on blogs, podcasts or social media is fine, just don't see it as a shortcut to finding an audience"Piracy is yesterday's worry for today's 'artisan authors'", wrote Damien G Walter in his piece about file sharing and piracy, in which he covered interesting ground, sparked plenty

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: After the elections
Republicans should watch more TV

[Guardian Books Blog] Don't judge The Bell Jar by its cover
Faber's new cover for The Bell Jar may be garish, but if it finds a new audience for Sylvia Plath's novel then who cares?It may have first come out 50 years ago, but The Bell Jar still causes controversy. The anniversary has seen all the old arguments and enmities boiling over again, but this book

[Baby Got Books] Friday Links
Hey Kids: In all the excitement of the New Year we missed the blog’s birthday. BGB started way back in January of 2005. Happy 8th birthday blog! Study: Reading interactively with your children can raise their IQ by 6 points Another study: Those same kids prefer that you read print books rather

[The Millions] Can You Figure Out Dutch Ovens While You’re at It?
Is Scotch tape Scottish? The Paris Review asks a question that has to be asked. Related posts: Lorin Stein Named Editor of the Paris Review Garth recently posited that Dave Eggers would be a great,... Editor Wanted A highly sought after editor position is about to open... Why Bookstores Are Needed

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Some observations
You know where to look

[The Millions] Next Up, Denmark
After waking us up to their favorite Brazilian novelists, the editorial board at Granta is turning its gaze to Norway. In the first issue of Norwegian Granta, you’ll find a slew of stories by illustrious contributors (among them Jennifer Egan, Roberto Bolano and Alice Munro) alongside

[The Millions] Kindles Your Interest
Do you like to badger your friends with good reasons to buy an e-reader? Well, you socially adept rapscallion, you’re in luck — there’s a list up at Book Riot of 5 Great Digital-only Reads. (We hate to brag, but our own Mark O’Connell’s Epic Fail is No. 2.) Related posts: New

[Salon Books] Out of a newspaper strike dawned a new age in American letters
Last week, my colleague at Doubleday came by my office with an austere-looking 11-by-15-inch broadsheet. Good God! It was a facsimile edition of the first issue of The New York Review of Books, February 1, 1963. The advertising director and I sat there kvelling over this wondrously manifested

[NYT] Book Review Podcast: The Legacy of Louis Agassiz
Christoph Irmscher discusses his new biography of the 19th-century scientist.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Living in China
China at the tipping point

[The Millions] I Wrote, Yes, But Not That
Uh-oh: Hemingway may not have written his famous six-word story. Related posts: Rote She Wrote At The NYT Mag, Virginia Heffernan‘s “Drill, Baby, Drill” explores... Who Wrote the First Mystery Novel? “Never mind whether the butler did it. Here’s a real... Who Wrote the

[NYT] In Another Opening, Myanmar Holds a Literary Festival
After decades of repression in Myanmar, the country holds its first international literary festival.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Not everyone agrees
Signs of genius that any idiot can learn

[The Millions] Dear Jeeves
“The late 1920s found him in Hollywood (‘This place is loathsome’) drowning, stingless, in MGM honey, while doing hack work on a silly Marion Davies vehicle. His descriptions of reptilian studio fauna make for delicious reading.” At The Daily Beast, a look at P.G. Wodehouse: A Life

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Crumbs of capitalism
The global application of a fraudulent economic theory brought the west to its knees

[Lit Saloon] Translation Prizes
       Monday is the big translation-prize day in the UK, as they hold the Sebald Lecture -- 'Paradise Lost: Confessions of an Apostate Translator' by Boris Akunin -- and hand out a whole bunch of (well, eight) translation prizes, from the recently announced Saif

[Lit Saloon] Dany Laferrière profile
       In The Guardian Maya Jaggi profiles Dany Laferrière: a life in books.        Several of his books are under review at the complete review: Eroshima I am a Japanese Writer Why Must a Black Writer Write About Sex ?

[Lit Saloon] African preview, 2013
       In The Guardian Samuel Kolawole offers a list of what turns out not to quite be African novels to look out for ("Those hungry for his first book hopefully won't have to wait long" he unhelpfully notes about Mehul Gohil, for example). Still, some

[Lit Saloon] Anselm Hollo (1934-2013)
       Poet and translator -- from Finnish, English, German, Swedish, French, and Estonian ! -- Anselm Hollo has passed away; see, for example, the Books from Finland report, In memoriam Anselm Hollo 1934-2013.        Among the

[Lit Saloon] February issues of online periodicals
       Among the February issues of online periodicals now available is that of Words without Borders, themed International Graphic Novels: Volume VII (with an Oubapo comics section !), as well as the new issue of Open Letters Monthly.

[The Millions] What Soderbergh is Reading
Remember back in 2011 when Steven Soderbergh made that list (PDF) of every movie, TV show, book, play and short story he had watched that year? Well according to his recent interview with New York Magazine, the book he most recently finished is Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies. (And what a coincidence!

[The Millions] Presidential Poetry
Much ado was made about “One Today,” Richard Blanco’s inaugural poem for president Barack Obama, but also worth checking out is Paul Muldoon’s “For Barack Obama: His Second Inauguration.” Related posts: “Which I respect more than bourgeois liberalism” Much fuss was made about Barack

[The Millions] The Wright Kind of Mess
In her review of Joe Wright’s cinematic adaptation for Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Amanda Shubert writes, “Anna Karenina (2012) is, in fact, a mess. But it’s the kind of mess probably only Wright could make.” She goes on to look at how Wright has adapted work by Jane Austen and Ian

[Baby Got Books] Q: How much do I love this?
Ahab by Apelad A: Tons.

[Salon Books] Gavin Newsom: We put a human face on same-sex marriage debate
The story in the New York Times carried the headline "Some Democrats Blame One of Their Own." As fingers were pointed following the reelection of George W. Bush in 2004, some Democrats wanted to blame the mayor of San Francisco for John Kerry's defeat.By granting same-sex couples marriage

[The Millions] Seamus Heaney on the Loyalists
Amid recent revival of sectarian conflicts in Ireland, Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney said he believes there is “never going to be a united Ireland.” He went on to ask, “Why don’t you let them (loyalists) fly the flag?” Related posts: One Greater Man Restore Us Behold a video of

[The Millions] The Kenyon Review 2013 Short Fiction Contest
What can you do for free these days? Well, for one thing, you can apply to The Kenyon Review’s 2013 Short Fiction Contest. The deadline is February 28th. Related posts: Very Short Story Contest Want a chance to win $200 and a shot at... Fiction Contest at Columbia Columbia: A Journal of Literature

[Lit Saloon] Writing in ... Africa
       In the Sunday Nation Eddie Ombagi argues that War literature should stop thriving in Africa taking on, among others, Abdourahman A. Waberi's Transit.        He notes: As Nyanchwani wonders, why hasn't Meja Mwangi been

[Lit Saloon] Thai sampler
       In the Bangkok Post Ezra Kyrill Erker reports on Literary gems found in translation, as Mr.Thai-fiction-in-translation, Marcel Barang, has brought out the anthology 12 Thai Short Stories 2012, which presents: "a dozen of last year's finest short fiction

[Lit Saloon] Writing in ... Libya
       At ahramonline Mary Mourad reports on Challenges for Libyan authors: Desertification of the cultural space, as Libya was the guest of honour at the recent Cairo International Book Fair and so the local situation was much discussed.

[Bookslut] An Interview with Guillermo Parra, Translator of José Antonio Ramos Sucre
"The important thing in translation is to give a taste of another poetry," Allen Ginsberg told Guillermo Parra, after sending him to read up on Venezuelan counterculture poets. He has been studying and translating them ever since, and he believes...

[Bookslut] "Frenzy a Man's Bewildered, Drunken Heart": Basil Bunting Translates Persia
Europe, 1814-19: a decade-old, continent-wide war reaches its bloody and farcical end. Napoleon falls, returns, and falls again; at Vienna, ambassadors re-draw maps and monarchs shore up their nervous alliances. In Weimar, Goethe reads Hafiz and dreams of Persia: North...

[Bookslut] An Interview with Ron Currie, Jr.
At first glance, Ron Currie, Jr.'s first book, the collection of short stories God Is Dead, treads over well-traveled soil, examining the state of society in the absence of an all-powerful overseeing deity. But Currie takes a much more...

[Salon Books] The case of the celibate detectives
Sherlock Holmes was a virgin. Hercule Poirot was a prude. And, I don’t know Miss Marple all that well, but she was hardly Aphrodite. One thing is for sure: The great private detectives of the English whodunit weren’t doing it.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian-era superman, with his Freudian

[The Millions] Dictionary of Regional @English
I snum! This is a bunch of bullcorn. You chowderheads best move your gogos and follow the Dictionary of American Regional English on Twitter. No related posts.

[The Millions] Finnegans Wake Hits Chinese Shelves
I don’t know how they managed to translate the thunderwords into Chinese, but if sales figures indicate success, they did a bang up job. Finnegans Wake is huge in China right now. Related posts: Illustrating Finnegans Wake Wake In Progress is a blog that records one artist’s... NBA Nominee Hits

[Salon Books] Are the Ravens responsible for the fall of the house of Edgar Allan Poe?
From the look of it, even book nerds are being drawn to this year’s Super Bowl, with the second-time appearance of the Ravens, America’s only football team named after a poem, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” For many in the literary crowd, there may be no better team to root for, because

[The Millions] Ridgway’s Hawthorn & Child Coming in September
New Directions announced they will publish Irish author Keith Ridgway’s novel, Hawthorn & Child, which was originally published by Granta books in 2012. Look out for the book this September. As a way to entice prospective readers, Tom Roberge does not mince words. “This is absolutely a New

[NYT] Graphic Books Best Sellers: Snow White's Children Top the List
"Cubs in Toyland," the latest volume of "Fables," is No. 1 on the paperback list.

[The Millions] Recommended Reading: Outkast Edition
Recommended Reading: Bomani Jones’s essay on Outkast’s ATLiens, his first car, and the way things from your past just seem different as the years go by. Related posts: Recommended Reading is Here! Starting strong out of the gate with a new short... Recommended Reading: Saturday Special

[Bookslut] Diary of a Man in Despair by Friedrich Reck, translated by Paul Rubens
reck friedrich diary of a man in despair

[The Millions] Reading for Days
Looking for something to read this weekend? Conor Friedersdorf has just released his list of “102 Spectacular Nonfiction Stories from 2012.” That should keep you occupied for a while. Related posts: 2010′s Best Nonfiction “Nearly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism” from 2010,

[Bookslut] Autobiography of Us by Aria Beth Sloss
sloss aria beth autobiography of us

[Salon Books] “Inside Rehab”: How it could work better, and why it doesn’t
Maybe Amy Winehouse had a point: However flippant that sounds, many a reader will be thinking it (or something like it) after finishing Anne M. Fletcher's "Inside Rehab." Fletcher visited 15 addiction-treatment programs, from the high-end to the bare-bones, and interviewed staffers, researchers,

[Bookslut] Francis of Assisi: A New Biography by Augustine Thompson
thompson augustine francis of assisi

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