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[Bookslut] Angela Carter: Postcards from America
Angela Carter’s second novel, The Magic Toyshop (1967) opens with a quote from Donne’s Elegy 20, “O my America, my new found land.” Twisting Donne’s metaphor in a manner that became a signature with her, Carter turns Donne’s virile eroticism...

[The Millions] Margalit Fox Talks Obituaries
Max Linsky interviewed Riddle of the Labyrinth author Margalit Fox about the other career she’s had for eight years: obituary writing. Fox remarks on how obituaries have grown from being “the bastard stepchild of American journalism” into “the best gig” in the entire industry. Here’s one

[The Millions] Get Inspired
Cristine Brache curated a great list of web-poetry videos for last month’s O, Miami Poetry Festival, and she was awesome enough to post the entire playlist online for all to see. Related posts: O, Miami Poetry Festival Do you live in Miami-Dade County? Do you want to... That’s So Miami The

[The Millions] The Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation
“Good morning. Just a second while I get this connection to work. Do I press this button here? Function-F7? No, that’s not right. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll have to reboot. Hold on a minute. Um, my name is Abe Lincoln and I’m your president.” Related posts: A Visit to Gettysburg The

[The Millions] Pitchfork and The Dissolve
Pitchfork Media announced last week that it will begin supplemented its popular music website with a new project dedicated to “reviews, commentary, interviews, and news about the films of the moment.” Related posts: Lessons for the Publishing Industry? Eric Harvey presents The Social History of

[The Millions] “dolphins”
Recommended Reading: Nine One Word Poems by Edwin Morgan. Related posts: Edwin Frank Interview Vince Manapat’s interview with NYRB Classics editor Edwin Frank provides... Writer Casting Call Filmmaker and author Morgan Spurlock posted a casting call for... Jane Austen in New York At the Morgan

[Salon Books] Hedge fund’s wild side: The man who lost $8 billion
In the summer of 2005, hotshot Amaranth Advisors LLC trader Brian Hunter spied a bargain.Natural gas supplies nationally were plentiful, gas production was unusually high, and by midsummer storage facilities were brimming with the stuff. Prices were low, hovering between $6 and $8 per MMBtu. Since

[Lit Saloon] Beckett's Murphy-manuscript
       Writers might want to reconsider penning those first- and other drafts of their books on their computers and instead (re)turn to literally penning them: the handwritten sort may offer a better pay-off, long term (okay, maybe only the heirs get to reap the

[Lit Saloon] Intizar Husain profile
       In The Caravan M.Asaduddin profiles the recently Man Booker International Prize-shortlisted author of Basti, in Intizar Husain and His World.

[Lit Saloon] June online issues
       Among the June issues of online periodicals now available is the Queer Issue IV of Words without Borders, as well as the June issue of Open Letters Monthly.

[Lit Saloon] Mother Departs review
       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Tadeusz Różewicz's Mother Departs.

[Bookslut] A Short Tale of Shame by Angel Igov, translated by Angela Rodel
igov angel short tale of shame

[Bookslut] The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel
koppel lily astronaut wives club the

[Bookslut] Yellowcake by Margo Lanagan
lanagan margo yellowcake

[Bookslut] All Souls by Javier Marias
marias javier all souls

[Bookslut] Obscenely Yours by Angelo Nikolopoulos
nikolopoulos angelow obscenely yours

[Bookslut] Blind Spot: Why We Fail to See the Solution Right in Front of Us by Gordon Rugg
rugg gordon blind spot

[Bookslut] Astragal by Albertine Sarrazin, translated by Patsy Southgate
sarrazin albertine astragal

[Salon Books] Why are we here? Evolution’s dirty secrets
Why are we here? Might this all just be a big fluke? Even if evolution is, as Arthur Koestler said, like an “epic recited by a stutterer,” what is the plot? It seemed like God had a good idea, but then he got sidetracked. Where is he going with this thing?I believe the writer Kurt Vonnegut

[Bookslut] An Interview with Diana Souhami
Conventions, who needs them? For Diana Souhami, conventions and expectations exist to be circumvented, toyed with, and flouted. The result is a compelling body of work consisting of everything from her recent straightforward biography of Edith Cavell, to a...

[Bookslut] Paris France by Gertrude Stein
stein gertrude paris france

[Bookslut] A dead woman's library.
A dead woman's library. "Go on, take a few." Hand-me-down books. Art books with scenes of deserts that are yet to become something -- stages for land art. Black and white, grainy rocks and scrub. The executor really doesn't mind...

[Bookslut] An Interview with Rebecca Solnit
In The Faraway Nearby, Rebecca Solnit delves into her complicated, contentious relationship with her mother just as her mother is beginning to decline due to Alzheimer's. "Decline," though, is a funny word. Her mother shifts -- in some ways...

[The Millions] The Reason I Jump
Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell and his wife KA Yoshida used an alphabet grid to translate the latest work of their autistic son, Naoki Higashida. The resulting memoir, The Reason I Jump, is scheduled for an August release. Hari Kunzru has a sneak preview of the book’s cover. Related posts:

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Jun 2, 2013 @ 10:11:00 am
As anti-government protests rippled across Turkey, Elif Batuman went out into the streets to report on the occupation of Gezi Park in the neighborhood of Taksim; with an annual revenue of $37.9 billion, Google is the world's largest media owner; The New York Times Magazine profiles Column McCann

[Salon Books] Bret Easton Ellis interviews Matthew Specktor: People in L.A. aren’t afraid to read
Matthew Specktor and Bret Easton Ellis have known one another for 20 years. Neither of them can remember how they met. “I think it was at the Bowery Bar in New York,” Specktor says. “But that could just be a mathematical probability.”Approximate generational peers, Ellis grew up in Sherman

[The Millions] “Will you accept these abs?”
A new season of The Bachelorette is upon us, and we all know what that means: a whole new batch of Leigh Stein’s Bachelorette poems! Related posts: Dispatch From Last Week’s Episode What better way to warm up for Leigh Stein’s forthcoming... Leigh Stein Two-Fer Here’s double-shot of

[The Millions] Wells Tower has a novel on the way
In a recent interview with Bookforum, Wells Tower dropped an enticing little detail about his latest project: a novel. Playing coy with the interviewer, Tower admitted only that “it will concern a family and it will contain a good number of pages.” No release date has been set at this time.

[Bookslut] Wedlocked by Jay Ponteri
ponteri jay wedlocked

[Salon Books] Science doesn’t know everything
The scientific discoveries of the past century that illuminate our understanding of human nature would have brought full smiles to a host of philosophers, novelists, poets, and historians who recognized some of the themes in this narrative. But empirical research added important new details to the

[The Millions] Elliott Holt Talks Anton Chekhov
“On the surface ‘The Lady with the Little Dog’ is a love story,” writes Elliott Holt in a blog post for The Missouri Review. “[It’s] a romantic one at that, but it’s also about the tension between the person we show the world and the one we keep to ourselves. The older I get, the more

[The Millions] Poems… In… Space!!!!
Thanks to NASA, three poets will have a chance to boldly go where no poets have gone before: Mars. Indeed, an online contest is currently open in which users can submit haiku to accompany the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) mission, which is scheduled for launch in late 2013. The

[The Millions] Mixer Publishing Contest
“Mixer publishing, with guest editor Paul Tremblay (author of Swallowing A Donkey’s Eye), is offering a $1,200 honorarium for the best speculative/sci-fi story, graphic narrative (comic), or poem.” The contest deadline is June 30th. Related posts: Mixer’s Sex, Violence, &

[Salon Books] “The Spy Who Loved”: Britain’s most glamorous agent
Not long after a woman going by the name of Christine Granville was stabbed to death in the hallway of a London hotel in 1952, five men formed a pact to "protect" her memory. They sought to preserve it from sensational newspaper and book accounts of her life as a hero of the British Special

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: June/July/Aug 2013

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Artist in Training
Mike Brodie's photographs of life on and off the rails

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Learned Helplessness
Dissecting the weird social fatalism of our child-rearing manuals.

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: The Toxic Adventures
A peasant couple's odyssey through environmentally hazardous China

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: Jolly Roger
The godfather of Fox News eludes critical discussion in a new biography

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Sew It Up and Start Again
A spring exhibition highlights the anarchy and ecstasy of punk fashion

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: A Small World After All
A new book sheds light on how little of the world we see through our browsers

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Jun 3, 2013
As anti-government protests rippled across Turkey, Elif Batuman went out into the streets to report on the occupation of Gezi Park in the neighborhood of Taksim; with an annual revenue of $37.9 billion, Google is the world's largest media owner; The New York Times Magazine profiles Column McCann

[Lit Saloon] Czech literature abroad
       At Radio Praha David Vaughan talks to Edgar de Bruin: conquering the world with Czech literature.        De Bruin runs the literary agency Pluh -- and, as they explain at the site: The name Pluh is Czech for

[Lit Saloon] Her Not All Her US launch
       Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek's ACFNY Translation Prize-winning work, Her Not All Her -- published in The Cahiers Series -- is being launched in the US at an event at McNally Jackson in New York on Wednesday (5 June), at 19:00, with translator Damion

[The Millions] Can Kindle Worlds Commodify Fan Fiction?
1. I learned about the unfathomable amount of cash that Yahoo planned to throw at Tumblr last month, when the news inevitably crept up on my Tumblr dashboard. The reactions were predictably negative, and the general sentiment was clear: “They are going to ruin all of what we’ve

[Guardian Books Blog] Poem of the week: two cinquains by Adelaide Crapsey
The unjustly neglected early modernist developed from haiku her own form, a vessel for pared-down vernacular observationWhen a loved daughter was christened in Brooklyn Heights in 1878, the name Adelaide must have seemed to her mother, another Adelaide, and her father, the freethinking Episcopal

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The hourglass society
Unemployment is down, so what's the problem?

[Baby Got Books] Book Time with Meg: Episode 33
Where have we been?  Yikes.  That was a longer than expected hiatus.   Now that summer break is comfortably upon us, hopefully something approaching normalcy will follow.  I’m excited to share the conversation that Meg (9) and I had about The Expeditioners by S.S. Taylor – a book so

[Guardian Books Blog] Open thread: Why do some books give you a hangover?
Some books are easy to leave behind while others won't let you go. As an Angela Carter craze sweeps through our readers, the quest for a cure has begunWhy is it that you can put down some perfectly enjoyable books without so much as a backward glance, while others refuse to let you go? This thought

[The Millions] Italian Researchers Locate World’s Oldest Complete Torah
“The University of Bologna in Italy has found what it says may be the oldest complete scroll of Judaism’s most important text, the Torah.” Related posts: Oldest Books The fine folks at the Vintage and Anchor Tumblr account... Oldest-Ever Quran Unearthed A Yemeni man claims to have

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