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Top Book Blogs 09/2013

[Bookslut] Rocket Girl: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan, America's First Female Rocket Scientist by George D Morgan
morgan george d rocket girl

[Bookslut] On Ghosts by Elizabeth Robinson
robinson elizabeth on ghosts

[Bookslut] Growing Up Female in America
Meet people. Graduate students, for example. The kind of guy who still has his STATE MATH T-shirt from high school. There are a series of umbilical cords, it seems to me, and we're able to recognize only those we've severed....

[Bookslut] Living in a Springsteen Song
In his blurb, Colum McCann says Mark Slouka's Brewster is " entering the heart of a Bruce Springsteen song -- all grace, all depth, all sinew." Without a doubt, Slouka's novel dwells deep in Springsteen territory, in the places...

[Salon Books] NYPD secrets: How the cops launched a spy shop to rival CIA
Note: After a long career in Washington, David Cohen, a former CIA official, was, according to the authors, "one of most unpopular and divisive figures in modern CIA history."[CIA Director George] Tenet sent Cohen packing for New York, a plum pre-retirement assignment that made him the CIA’s

[Bookslut] So You've Never Collected Anything at All? Searching for Icons in Russia by Vladimir Soloukhin
1. One of the least accurate words coined during the twentieth century is "totalitarian," used in common language to describe a government that kills and abuses its citizens. Whenever I read about Nazi or Soviet or Maoist or colonial oppression,...

[Bookslut] Days in the History of Silence by Merethe Lindstrøm, translated by Anne Bruce
lindstrom merethe days in the history of silence

[The Millions] “The conspirators sit smoking thoughtfully”
Recommended Reading: “The Colonel’s Daughter,” new fiction from Noir author Robert Coover. Related posts: Move Over, Paula Deen The late Colonel Harland Sanders (of Kentucky Fried Chicken notoriety)... Against “Context” Recommended Reading: Robert Silvers defines Instagrams, and

[Bookslut] An Interview with Mark Slouka
Mark Slouka's fiction might best be described as subtly potent. Since his debut collection of stories, Lost Lake (1998), which chronicles a summer community of Czech immigrants in upstate New York, he has crafted narratives of emotional depth and...

[The Millions] Europe’s Largest Public Library Opens
The brand new Library of Birmingham opens next week, and the gigantic structure is said to be “Europe’s largest public library.” In addition to its modern architecture, the facility also offers “a room from the 19th Century … to house one of the UK’s most important Shakespeare

[The Millions] Martians Among Us
Everybody knows the saying, “men are from Mars; women are from Venus.” Well, some scientists now believe we might all be from Mars. (Sorry, Venus.) Related posts: The Martian Chronicles There is a robot on Mars. Mars! And it has... James Cameron on Mars Movies on Mars–that’s Avatar

[Bookslut] Beautiful Fools: The Last Affair of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald by R Clifton Spargo
spargo r clifton beautiful fools

[The Millions] “Has anyone else tried pouring this stuff over dry cereal? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!”
Amazon collected some of the funniest, top-voted reviews from customers on its website. “Occasionally customer creativity goes off the charts in the best possible way,” they said. Of course, there are also plenty of examples of customers going off the charts in the worst possible ways, too.

[Salon Books] “Buck”: A teen drug dealer finds solace in words
Memoirs, especially memoirs about hard childhoods, have somehow gotten a bad rap, but there's still no story quite as universal, in its pain and/or its exhilaration, as the story of growing up against the odds. From "Angela's Ashes" to "The Liar's Club," the complicated emotional footwork required

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Bodies of Work
Two books of autofiction examine the sexual politics of the postporn era

[Lit Saloon] Chinese literature in India
       In looking at 'Contemporary Chinese fiction through an Indian lens' in Chinese Whispers in the new issue of The Caravan Anjum Hasan asks a very, very good question: Most Chinese literature available to us, I discovered in the coming months as I looked for

[Lit Saloon] Amazon recommends ... Kehlmann to Kehlmann
       Daniel Kehlmann's new novel is just out in Germany and, as widely reported in the German press (though I can't find the original Süddeutsche Zeitung article online), he reports that Amazon, in recommending books to him, recommends his own works. He

[Lit Saloon] September online issues
       Among the September issues of online periodicals now available (bonus points for posting on the Sunday of a (US) Labor Day weekend !): Words without Borders' September 2013 issue is themed: 'Black Markets', and the September issue of Open Letters Monthly is

[Lit Saloon] The World of the End review
       The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Israeli author Ofir Touché Gafla's 2004 novel, The World of the End, now out in English from Tor.        This was a pleasant surprise -- really solid

[Lit Saloon] French book covers
       As longtime readers know, I'm a fan of the most basic and uniform cover design, and the austere French covers favored by many of my favorite publishers -- P.O.L., Éditions de Minuit. Gallimard, Albin Michel -- are, indeed my ideals (a couple of

[Lit Saloon] Literature in ... Scandinavia
       In The Hindu Janhavi Acharekar finds there's Much ado about reading in Scandinavia -- with a focus, here, on Denmark.

[Lit Saloon] Seamus Heaney (1939-2013)
       As very widely reported, 1995 Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney has passed away.        I can't really add much to the many, many pieces that have appeared in the past day (and I'm afraid none of his works are under review at

[Lit Saloon] Ruth Franklin Q & A
       Prospect is running a series of 'Critical thinking'- Q & As "about the art of criticism", and in this month's installment David Wolf has An interview with the literary critic Ruth Franklin.        Among the

[Lit Saloon] Andrea Hirata profile
       In the Los Angeles Review of Books Pallavi Aiyar writes 'On Andrea Hirata and the bestselling Indonesian novel of all time', in The Rainbow Troops: A Visit with Indonesia's Bestselling Author. Hirata is the author of that bestselling title, The Rainbow

[Lit Saloon] Publishing translations
       Ross Ufberg, co-founder of New Vessel Press, thinks the publishing-in-translation scene is looking pretty good nowadays, in a piece at Publishing Perspectives, Of Saint Jerome and Prostitutes and Thieves.        A nice

[Guardian Books Blog] Autumn books: what are your top tips?
As the new publishing season gets under way, tell us about the books you can't wait to readThe Autumn publishing season begins this week, with new novels from Donna Tartt, Stephen King and Helen Fielding, and a slick of celebrity nonfiction coming down the line in October as the industry gears up

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Exposure to politics
The Tea Party's paranoid aesthetic

[Book Forum] BEA 2013: Keynote: Shaping The Future of the Book

[Book Forum] VIDEO: BEA 2013: Keynote: Shaping The Future of the Book

[Guardian Books Blog] Poem of the week: Łódź by Sujata Bhatt
This meditation on horror and healing, set in a Jewish cemetery that was part of the Łódź Ghetto, achieves a tentative blessingSujata Bhatt's newly published Collected Poems explores, with remarkable consistency of voice and style, a lifetime of rich, diverse cultural experience. Born in

[Book Forum] INTERVIEW: Bookforum talks to Jules Feiffer
Jules Feiffer started publishing his regular comic strip Sick, Sick, Sick in the Village Voice in 1956, and went on to become a public intellectual and a cultural icon, winning an Academy Award, an Obie, and a Pulitzer Prize. The artist and writer talks with Bookforum about a dizzying range of

[Bookslut] An Interview with Tim Parrish
Tim Parrish's new memoir Fear and What Follows: The Violent Education of a Christian Racist is all about fear -- specifically, the many unfounded fears that perpetuate racism and xenophobia in American politics. It's also one of the bravest books...

[Guardian Books Blog] Tips, links and suggestions: What are you reading, today?
The space to talk about the books you are reading, and find out which ones we are reviewingAutumn has arrived, though we're all hoping for an Indian summer to make up for the Icelandic spring we suffered in the UK this year. Hannah is taking a well-earned late break after the rigours of the

[NYT] ‘Redshirts’ Takes Hugo Award for Best Science-Fiction Novel
John Scalzi's novel is about members of a spaceship crew who discover they are actually part of a television show.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: This is what we're talking about
Bad reasons to keep information hidden

[Salon Books] Memoir in the age of BuzzFeed
MY FAVORITE BOOKS TEACH me how to think, or how to stop thinking; they encourage me to adopt a more permissive, openhearted, curious relation to the mind’s taxations. Matias Viegener’s 2500 Random Things About Me Too is such a book; it kindly provides a rest cure for my linguistic apparatus —

[Guardian Books Blog] The Hugo awards: 'beauty contest' or prize of the people?
Unlike the Arthur C Clarke awards, the Nebulas or the Kitschies, the Hugo science fiction awards are voted on by the public. In an often elitist genre, this has to be a good thingThere are few things as entertaining as the ruck that follows the announcement of literary awards, and the Hugos, handed

[NYT] ‘Fifty Shades’ Film Gets Its Christian and Anastasia
Charlie Hunnam will play Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson will be Anastasia Steele in the movie adaptation of E.L. James's blockbuster novel.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Theory and the specter
Postmodernism, the academic Left, and the crisis of capitalism

[Bookslut] Henry Darger, Throw Away Boy: The Tragic Life of an Outsider Artist by Jim Elledge
elledge jim henry darger

[Bookslut] Constellation of Genius: 1922: Modernism Year One by Kevin Jackson
jackson kevin constellation of genius

[Salon Books] Author Caleb Crain: “The straight canon is very gay”
Earlier this summer, Salon asked where the buzzed-about gay novel was -- the major literary novel taken seriously by critics and audiences that managed to convey in frank tones what it was like for gay people just as so many major literary novels do for straight people.While Caleb Crain's "Necessary

[Bookslut] A Writer of Silences: Reading Natalia Ginzburg
Natalia Ginzburg lived through a lot before she turned fifty -- World War II in an anti-fascist Italian-Jewish family; her first husband's torture and murder by Mussolini's forces; the rise of modern Italian literature, in which she played a...

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Sept/Oct/Nov 2013

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Gunning for the Zeitgeist
How the quest for the big message novel keeps selling characters short.

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: The Jong and the Restless
Fear of Flying, forty years on.

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: In Charm's Way
Gone Girl's sickening worldview

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: The Crying of West 79th Street
Reality comes undone in Thomas Pynchon's novel about New York in the early aughts

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Bodies of Work
Two books of autofiction examine the sexual politics of the postporn era

[Book Forum] IN PRINT: Dead Center
Two new accounts of the 2012 campaign show just how Team Obama gave America the business

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