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[Salon Books] Stop defending “Game of Thrones”: How HBO gutted the stories I love
[SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for both "Game of Thrones" and the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series.]The Internet has hit peak “Game of Thrones” outrage -- but this time it’s not coming from TV critics (rightly) bemoaning unnecessary violence against women or fans fuming

[Salon Books] Culture is dead — again: It’s the end of civilization as we know it (and maybe we feel fine)
Western Civilization has been going to the dogs for so long that it's tempting to pipe up, like an aggravating child from the back seat during a long road trip, and ask if we're there yet. According to Peruvian Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, we are. His new book "Notes on the Death of Culture:

[Salon Books] Have faith in “Game of Thrones”: We need its urgently human, primal fantasy now more than ever
Weirdly, “Game 0f Thrones” is still one of the best shows on television.I say “weirdly,” because this season has been its most controversial, spawning weekly debate on violence, characterization, and the rules of fantastical worlds; now, more than ever, critics and fans are articulating

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Gawker prepares for court battle with Hulk Hogan
Gawker Media is preparing its legal battle with Hulk Hogan, who is asking that the media company give him $100 million for posting a sex-tape featuring the legendary wrestler. The trial begins on July 6 in Florida, and pivots on Gawker’s argument that the tape was “newsworthy.” Most legal

[The Millions] Fathers, Daughters, and Family: The Millions Interviews Phillip and Lily Lopate
Renowned editor of The Art of the Personal Essay, Phillip Lopate is the director of the nonfiction MFA program at Columbia University. He and his daughter Lily, on break from Bryn Mawr, sat together at their home in Brooklyn, N.Y., to talk about their recent collaboration. Their Indiana friend

[Guardian Books Blog] Readers' favourite quotes in Game of Thrones books revealed
Amazon has revealed the passages from George RR Martin’s saga that readers have highlighted the most on e-readers – with Tyrion Lannister the most quotable character. But what is your favourite line from the books?To coincide with the Game of Thrones season finale, has revealed the

[Guardian Books Blog] Poem of the week: (Houdini in Karis) by Tua Forsström
In this piece from the Finnish-Swedish poet’s new collection, Houdini is an escape artist who longs for human connectionI went to the basement on the afternoon of thenineteenth of August and made a carpet fromgalvanised three-inch nails and ice-green shards ofbottles I had thrown on the stone

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Recurring journalism
Journalists' new moral responsibility

[Salon Books] “Game of Thrones” finale shocker: What we saw, what we didn’t see, and what it all might mean
This post contains plot details for last night’s finale of “Game Of Thrones,” “Mother’s Mercy,” as well as speculation for future plot points that include details from “A Song Of Ice And Fire.” Last night’s finale of “Game Of Thrones” ended with a bang. Jon Snow (Kit

[The Millions] Vote for The Millions at 3 Quarks Daily
Hey look, several pieces of ours are in the running to win 3 Quarks Daily Arts and Literature Prizes! On their voting page, you can cast your ballot for James McWilliams’s piece on Faulkner, our own Hannah Gersen’s appreciation of Friday Night Lights, or our own Nick Ripatrazone’s essay on

[Guardian Books Blog] Battling bias on the shop floor: how bookstores can support diversity
A bookseller explains how Kamila Shamsie’s call for gender equality in the industry, and the fiery debate it provoked, could lead to greater diversity all aroundKamila Shamsie calling for a year of publishing only women has certainly unleashed a storm. Some disagree that gender bias exists, while

[Guardian Books Blog] Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?
Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of themScroll down for our favourite literary linksRead more Tips, Links and Suggestions blogsWelcome to this week’s blog. Here’s a roundup of your comments and photos from last week, from Vasily Grossman discussions to bookshop

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Need to stick together
Please be disturbed

[The Millions] Great Divides
In the nineties, when Jack Livings was teaching English in China, he was gathering material for The Dog, his short story collection that recently won the PEN/Robert W. Bingham prize. In an interview in the WSJ, he talks about his research process, Chinese idioms and Uighur-Han relations. You could

[The Millions] Festivities
Recommended Reading: Alex Preston on Milan Kundera’s first novel in fifteen years.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Why do we need the humanities?
The crisis in American academe has nothing to do with the intellectual content of research and teaching in the humanities

[The Millions] The New VC
In Wayde Compton’s The Outer Harbour, a series of short stories take the reader from the present day to 2025, exploring a near-future Vancouver in which things grow steadily more surreal. As Emily Oppenheimer writes, it’s clearly a work of speculative fiction, yet the setting resembles our own

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: The Moynihan Family Circus
How a fifty-year-old report on the black family and poverty continues to distort American social policy

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Rachel Dolezal and the construction of race
Rachel Dolezal, an NAACP leader who has been accused of posing as African-American, stepped down yesterday, and will today give several TV interviews. In the New York Times magazine, a historian explores earlier examples of such “reverse passing;” and on his blog, Lenin’s Tomb, Richard Seymour

[The Millions] May It Not Rest in Peace: On Máirtín Ó Cadhain’s ‘Cré na Cille’
Among the many soothing stories we craft around death, most of us harbor a core belief that it will, at the very least, be peaceful. Even those with no residual belief in an afterlife can find some solace in the idea of an eternal quiet nothingness. No pain, no suffering, no obnoxious neighbors or

[Guardian Books Blog] Classic book covers by Paul Bacon – in pictures
The designer who pioneered the ‘big book look’ - creating covers for more than 6,500 books, ranging from Catch-22 to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest - has died aged 91 in New York. Here are some of his best Continue reading...

[Guardian Books Blog] Your favourite Ulysses quotes for Bloomsday, please
For a book so intimately tied to Dublin, James Joyce’s endlessly absorbing novel has an impressively global reach into readers’ hearts. Which lines do you love most?I’ve been having a lot of fun getting in touch with people around the world to see what they’re up to for Bloomsday. There is

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Multiracial in America
Whites will lose their majority, and we will be a nation composed solely of minorities — how will America cope?

[The Millions] App Happy
Several recent novels — among them Dave Eggers’s The Circle and Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge –tackle the effects of social media on our world. The latest, Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen, may be the best of the bunch, writes Andrew Hulktrans. At Bookforum, he explains why

[The Millions] Study Hall
Do people still need to study the humanities? You’d think the answer is “yes, of course,” but the issue is far more complicated than that. In a bid to sort it out, The New Republic recently asked a group of former university presidents to give their viewpoints on the matter. Sample quote:

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: One iota
A powerful read today

[Guardian Books Blog] Creative writing lessons from Patricia Highsmith
Highsmith’s book Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction is an inspiring primer for budding psycho-crime novelistsEarlier this month, Reading group contributor Mmeritt1 recommended Patricia Highsmith’s book Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction. It is “edifying and inspirational”, s/he wrote.

[The Millions] Tribute
“Once [Jenny] Diski did get going as a writer, she and [Doris] Lessing agreed to a kind of literary nonaggression pact: Lessing would not write about Diski if Diski would not write about Lessing. Even now, I sensed a note of anxiety in Diski’s attitude toward her current project. When I asked

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: What does England want?
The U.K. may never be the same after the election

[NYT] Reading About Racial Boundaries
Passing is a longstanding theme in American fiction and the subject of several riveting nonfiction books.

[NYT] MGM Buys Rights to ‘Primates of Park Avenue’
The book about Upper East Side wives was the subject of interest from several studios.

[The Millions] The Oddity
You may have heard that the pioneering jazz musician Ornette Coleman died last week at the age of eighty-five. As a composer, he was known for his odd melodies, which reliably tested the boundaries of what jazz could accomplish. At The Paris Review Daily, two musicians and writers look back on his

[Salon Books] It seemed crazy to hire a painter with Tourette’s. Boy, did I get a lesson in “broken” and “normal”
I never expected to learn a life-changing lesson about the power of the mind from a total stranger in my own living room.We were at the tail end of a massive one-year remodel. The subfloors were finally down, the windows installed, and the studs that had been exposed just a week earlier were now

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: The Poverty of Theory
Two tech-utopian tracts envision a world without politics

[The Millions] There Must Be a German Word for That: Language for Writers and Readers
In high school, my friends dared me to guzzle a cup of tequila, straight. I did, and promptly threw up in the sink nearby. As I stood, trembling and disgusted, someone asked, “Did you just say Europe?” I guess the sound of my retching resembled that word. Eur-ope! From then on, no one

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Essential reporting on the D.R.; questionable sources elsewhere
In the Dominican Republic, after today’s deadline to register with government authorities, hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly of Haitian origin, will face deportation; Harper’s has just removed the paywall from Rachel Nolan’s frightening and essential account of the context, which

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: On behalf of animals
Why don't we recognise animals?

[Salon Books] “Primates of Park Avenue” author calls out critics as sexist: “I really attribute the backlash to this new kind of misogyny”
Wednesday Martin's new book, "Primates of Park Avenue," is nothing if not agitating. The purportedly anthropological study of Upper East Side women has received widespread criticism not only from the wealthy whom it takes as subjects, but also from parents, academics, culture critics, you name it.

[The Millions] Brillante
Is Alejandro Zambra the new great Latin American writer? James Wood thinks he is. In the latest New Yorker, he describes how Zambra’s new story collection alerted him to the writer’s oeuvre, going on to analyze all three of the writer’s novels in English. You could also read our 2011 interview

[Guardian Books Blog] Killer timing: why comedy and crime writing share a secret weapon
When it comes to structure and plotting, standup and crime fiction employ the same tricks, explains bestselling author and ex-comic Mark BillinghamThis July, at the Theakstons Old Peculier Harrogate crime writing festival, I’ll be talking to the acclaimed comedian Eddie Izzard. In fact, there is

[Salon Books] Our lonely binge-watching summers: Searching for signs of connection in “Orange Is the New Black”
I was thrilled to watch the new season of “Orange is the New Black” last weekend after nearly a year of wondering what sort of shenanigans the ladies of Litchfield would get into next. But I quickly learned season three is all about showcasing individual journeys as the inmates confront and

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: So unusual
Nobody is discussing the biggest issue

[The Millions] Jim Crace Takes Home the IMPAC Award
Three cheers for Jim Crace, who just took home the 20th annual IMPAC Dublin Literary Award! If you remember our coverage of the shortlist, you’ll know that the Harvest author beat out TransAtlantic author Colum McCann and Americanah author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, among others.

[The Millions] Terrible Beauty
Nobody needs reminding that Yeats was a major poet, but it can be easy to forget, a hundred years of his major work, just why his poetry has endured. In The Irish Times, Denis O’Donoghue makes a forceful case for Yeats’s relevance, arguing that “Yeats solved, or came closer than any other

[Salon Books] Adam Carolla blasts the “narcissism” of political correctness: “These idiots have … silenced the comedians, the truth-tellers”
Anyone who’s ever been stuck in traffic from Orange County to Los Angeles during rush hour will understand why comedian Adam Carolla was in a grumpier and rantier mood than usual the other day. Carolla, famous for “Loveline,” “The Man Show,” “Catch a Contractor” and his insanely

[The Millions] RIP Culture
Recommended Reading: Laura Miller on Mario Vargas Llosa and cultural declinism.

[NYT] Philip Larkin to Get a Memorial Stone in Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey
The British poet Philip Larkin, who died in 1985, will be honored at Westminster Abbey next year.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia
Where's Aung San Suu Kyi when Burma needs her?

[The Millions] Dreamweaver
For the most part, Tolstoy is known as a realist, despite his work’s occasional dips into fancy. Yet the plotlines of his great novels featured long and important dream sequences. In The New York Review of Books, Janet Malcolm argued that Tolstoy was a master of dreams, using Anna Karenina as

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida
Vendela Vida's new novel begins in a realist mode but sheds this skin as it goes, becoming in its second half a gently postmodern, surrealist philosophical meditation on the protean nature of personal identity. Here, a woman, once a competitive driver, leaves her old life behind in Florida and flees

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