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[Guardian Books Blog] Poster poems: nursery rhymes
The rhythms and imagery of childhood verses have inspired poets from Robert Louis Stevenson to Elizabeth Bishop. Now it’s your turnFor most of us, our first exposure to the joys of verse was when we listened to parents or teachers reciting nursery rhymes and learned to repeat them ourselves. The

[The Millions] The Rise and Fall of the Donald Trump of Detroit
1. Rise of a Tough Nerd Rick Snyder is, for the time being, Governor of Michigan.  He is also one of the handful of heroes in a tale teeming with villains, Detroit Resurrected: To Bankruptcy and Back, a richly reported and important new book by Nathan Bomey, who covered America’s largest

[Salon Books] Sex-scandal double standard: Keeping with misogynist tradition, Alabama Gov. Bentley makes sure his alleged mistress suffers more for sexual sin
The sex scandal going on in the governor's office in Alabama was already a hypocritical horror show, but this week things got even worse, as Gov. Robert Bentley's pretense that his religious values are about morality and not just an excuse for male dominance is crumbling. Bentley got elected to

[Salon Books] Donald Trump is terrorizing America: Why his lurid media spectacles have something in common with ISIS
This appears to be the week the political press engages in soul-searching about what responsibility, if any, it bears for Donald Trump's unexpected success. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof regrets, for example, the $1.9 billion in free coverage the press gave the reality star in

[Salon Books] Ted Cruz is no savior: Sorry, Republicans, you’re (probably) still screwed and stuck with Trump
It seems like it wouldn’t be possible, but Donald Trump is somehow getting more unpopular. He was never well-liked to begin with, but after a series of rough news cycles dominated by, among other things, his campaign manager being brought up on misdemeanor battery charges, he’s staring at

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The changing demographic face of America
American democracy sustains racial inequality

[Salon Books] Donald Trump has a big problem: Women don’t just dislike him — they actually detest him
Yesterday, the news was once again all over Trump's latest flap over abortion rights, with one pundit after another talking about how it has really hurting him with women. Interestingly, it wasn't just liberal women who were appalled by his comments, that women should be punished for having

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Novelists come out to play
Imre Kertész, the Nobel-winning novelist and survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, has died. His 2013 Paris Review interview might be as fitting an obituary as any: “I am somebody who survived all of it, somebody who saw the Gorgon’s head and still retained enough strength to finish a work that

[Salon Books] Megyn Kelly unloads on Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson for defending her candidate’s constant flip-flopping
On Thursday evening's edition of The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly welcomed back Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, who attempted to defend the dramatic uptick of the number of policy and position reversals -- i.e., "flip-flops" -- her candidate has been compelled to perform in the past few

[Salon Books] This problem is much bigger than Trump: Why abortion rights in America are becoming more endangered by the day
It’s a strange time in the United States. On the one hand, unintended pregnancy is at its lowest rate in 30 years. On the other hand, the Republican frontrunner for the Presidency just advocated "some form of punishment" for women who have abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned and the procedure

[Salon Books] Can Donald Trump win Fox News back? Increasingly, the answer seems to be a resounding “No”
On The Kelly File Thursday, the Washington Post's Marc Thiessen argued that Donald Trump's disastrous week should indicate to conservatives why Democrats are happy to have him as the Republican candidate in 2016. His recent comments on imposing "some form of punishment" on women who receive illegal

[Salon Books] Rachel Maddow proves Donald Trump’s extreme anti-abortion comments are more conventional than controversial
Fair warning: The clip below is 20 minutes long -- and completely worth it. To open her show Thursday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow employed her usual meticulous rundown of a topic's most unusual history to arrive at a salient and current point. It resulted in a brilliant and glorious takedown of

[Salon Books] Donald Trump blames MSNBC for his inability to answer straightforward question about abortion
In an interview with guest host Eric Bolling on The O'Reilly Factor Thursday, Donald Trump accused MSNBC of deceptively editing his exchange with Chris Matthews during Wednesday night's town hall in order to make him look bad. "You really need to hear it, the whole thing," he said. "This is a long,

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Finally out
Logic is totally 100% right

[Guardian Books Blog] Frank Miller's fascist Dark Knight is a very modern archetype
Miller presents Gotham through the ugly lens of a billionaire’s delusional, messianic fantasy – his Bruce Wayne is not so different to Donald TrumpI have a long relationship with The Dark Knight Returns. I first read it in 1990, four years after it came out as a mini-series. I had always hated

[The Millions] Fictional Texts
“Each imaginary book is a demonstration of fiction’s magic, as an author deposits into a fictional world yet another fictional world, like one universe bubbling out of another.” On Borges and other authors’ fictional texts and his library of imaginary books. Jeff Peer introduces us to Borges

[Salon Books] Hey, New York Post, your misogyny is showing! Right-wing rag’s sexist Hillary headline exposes their fear of female power
I have this working theory that it's not a coincidence that a blunt misogynist like Donald Trump is the Republican favorite in the same election year that we have a strong chance of getting our first female president. Benevolent sexism like head-patting and talking to women like they're children

[Salon Books] “Periods for Pence”: Women flood Indiana’s Republican governor with calls about their periods after he signs another restrictive anti-abortion law
Who says trolling can't be effective? Women in Indiana are drawing attention to their Republican Governor Mike Pence's latest performance of right-wing extremism by trolling him, personally, the old-fashioned way. The controversial conservative Governor recently signed into law further restrictions

[Salon Books] Karl Rove courts convention chaos: “Bush’s brain” is laying the groundwork for an establishment coup — and it’s going to get ugly
Have you heard about the Republican Party's presidential primary this year? It's not going very well. Flamboyant professional vulgarian, billionaire, and walking manifestation of toxic masculinity Donald Trump seems poised to enter the party's convention this year with a plurality of delegates. And,

[Salon Books] “I’m not for equal pay, I’m for fair pay”: Landon Donovan gets schooled on the soccer wage gap
From the Sports Illustrated headline — "Landon Donovan: USWNT 'deserve to be treated fairly in all ways'" — you might have believed that a) the soccer great was showing his unreserved support for his female colleagues in the sport and that b) no kidding, women to deserve to be treated fairly.But

[Salon Books] Watch: Star-studded Bowie tribute concert features Flaming Lips, Chewbacca, Debbie Harry and more
Continue Reading...

[Salon Books] I dared criticize Fox News and speak up for Samantha Bee. This is how the right roared back at me
Most people think that comedy is about laughter and fun.  But that’s wrong. Some comedy, like satire, is about provoking. It is about showing a view of the world that is missing.  It is about speaking truth to power.  That is why satirists like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher get

[Salon Books] April Fools’ Day sucks this year: Grim, painful and overshadowed by Trump-related despair
One thing you can be sure is true today is that it’s April Fool’s Day. That may be the only thing, though, that any of us can know for sure today. And the tension between what’s real and what’s not real – what we can trust without inviting at least a minor humiliation – is making some

[Salon Books] Donald Trump truthers: Theories spread he’s trying to sabotage campaign after his disastrous week from hell
Even by Donald Trump's standards, this has been a bad week. The Donald's foot is permanently planted in his mouth, so it's not unusual for him to say something egregious or stupid. But he's on quite a roll lately. First, he cavalierly dismissed the Geneva Conventions, the foundation of international

[Salon Books] Sam Brownback’s Kansas is still a nightmare: The state’s latest ultra-conservative war may be its worst yet
Two of the latest flying monkeys that Kansas’s ultraconservative legislative leadership has unleashed on Kansas public education (including higher education) are a pair of bills, House Bill 2737 and Senate Bill 513, collectively known as the “Student Physical Privacy Act.” These bills would

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Tony Kushner Channels Zona Gale

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: This presidential campaign
Trumpism is here to stay

[The Millions] Writing and Reading Race
Recommended Reading: Katy Simpson Smith on who can fictionalize slavery and writing across time and race. Our own Edan Lepucki writes on reading slavery in fiction.

[Salon Books] Bernie Sanders may be leading Hillary Clinton with black voters in this one, very important state
Bernie Sanders' campaign has difficulty attracting non-white voters. But should that be revised to had? After suffering a series of resounding defeats across the South, primarily due to his dreadful showing with African-American voters, Sanders surprised many when in Michigan he saw his support from

[Salon Books] No, Democrats won’t take the House: Even a landslide Donald Trump defeat will not change our rigged Congressional map
District by district, no one understands the political landscape of the House of Representatives quite like the Cook Political Report's brilliant David Wasserman, whose job it is to analyze every detail of all 435 races. So it was news on March 18 when Wasserman issued a report that updated and

[Salon Books] Fox News host begs GOP candidates to stop answering questions the American public doesn’t like their answers to
On Thursday night's episode of The Five, co-host Eric Bolling -- fresh off his guest-hosting duties on The O'Reilly Factor -- proposed that the best way for GOP candidates to avoid being tricked into saying terrible things about social issues would be to simply refuse to answer questions about them.

[Salon Books] “We’re making gains in the majority community”: Thanks, John Kasich, for reminding us just how racist you can be
During his MSNBC town hall interview Wednesday night, Ohio Gov. John Kasich quietly breached the divide between ignorable bigotry and active racism. Asked by moderator Chuck Todd to expound on a recent report ranking Ohio the sixth worst state to raise a black child, Kasich touted his infant

[Salon Books] For Ann Coulter, the crazier, the better: She says Donald Trump is “mental,” but is still pining for him to “crush” Democrats anyway
Conservative pundit Ann Coulter thinks Donald Trump is "mental," but apparently that hasn't changed her belief that Trump is the best candidate for the Republican party, RealClearPolitics reports. In an interview with PJTV Thursday, Coulter said, "If it is still possible for any Republican to win,

[Salon Books] Clinton’s viral video backlash: Eco groups, Sanders blast Hillary over fossil fuel money “lies” after she shouts down activist
The internet was abuzz Thursday night with talk of the millions of dollars of fossil fuel-linked money Hillary Clinton has received, after the Democratic presidential candidate went off on an activist from the environmental justice group Greenpeace. “Will you act on your word to reject fossil fuel

[The Millions] Correcting Gender Inequity
The Interference Archive went on a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to help balance gender inequality on the site, which is overwhelmingly edited by men. Our own Sonya Chung writes on how to write across gender.

[Salon Books] Fox News panel: Despite higher ratings, more success, and greater profitability, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team deserves to paid less male counterparts
Responding to an article in the Wall Street Journal about the U.S. women's national soccer team suing the United States Soccer Federation for pay discrimination, the four female co-hosts of Fox News' Outnumbered agreed that the women did, in fact, deserve to be paid less. It was left to Arthur

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Inside the life
The rest is advertising

[Salon Books] New favorite candidate? Senate hopeful trains to “literally fistfight the Koch brothers” in hilarious new campaign ad
Silly season of political campaign ads has hardly begun, but I have a feeling we already have a top contender that will outlast the crazy to come. A single-issue upstart candidate for U.S. Senate in California has just released a hilarious campaign ad promising to "literally fistfight the Koch

[Salon Books] Mississippi vs. Everyone: State’s pushing obscene law that’s not only anti-LGBT, it could also force women to wear makeup
The 2016 legislative session has been a competition between red states to see who can pass the most hateful anti-LGBT bills under the guise of "religious freedom,' but Mississippi state Republicans look like they're going to emerge the winner. Friday, the state house passed the final version of a

[The Millions] R. L. Stine Revisited
Eat Cheese and Die Happy!: an R. L. Stine title for my life. See more at McSweeney’s by Amanda Rosenberg.

[Salon Books] Rush Limbaugh makes history by being right for first time: While sizing up GOP candidates, declares “everybody sucks”
Responding to PPP poll results released Thursday revealing net negative favorability ratings for all but one primary candidate, blowhard radio host Rush Limbaugh came to the conclusion that "everybody sucks." The automated poll found that of all remaining candidates (and Mitt Romney, for whatever

[Salon Books] Flying while Muslim, family edition: Mom says airline’s “safety issues” had to do with “how we look”
Ever since 9/11, the threat of terror has become such a convenient excuse for straight up paranoia that it's hard to tell what's legitimate concern and what's just everyday racism. And in few places is that more evident than up in the skies. This week, Illinois mother of three Eaman-Amy Saad

[Salon Books] The GOP’s obvious Donald Trump ruse: They don’t hate his ideas, they just hate his optics
He has said that Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever" and suggested that Ted Cruz's wife is ugly. Then, this week, in a town hall with Chris Matthews, Donald Trump was pressed on what his newfound "pro-life" sentiment entailed as a policy matter. He responded that women would

[Salon Books] Cracks in the GOP wall: The Republicans’ hardline Supreme Court obstruction is crumbling
The trick to making blanket obstructionism work as a political tool is to make it a team effort. The Republicans in Congress understand this well – their strategy for the Obama administration from day one was to oppose everything and enforce unanimity among their members. They understood that any

[Salon Books] 6 times Hillary Clinton lost her cool
The Democratic frontrunner's recent lash out toward an environmental activist is the latest in a list of times she lost her cool.Continue Reading...

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The pulling-apart of America
The U.S. could use a new economic strategy

[The Millions] A Brilliant Loner
“Neither for the first nor last time in his life, Orwell was the brilliant loner who saw what others around him failed to notice.” Adam Hochschild writes on Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and his unique perspective on fighting in the Spanish Civil War. Vishwas Gaitonde takes us to Orwell’s

[Salon Books] Uh-oh: Where does all the white rage go when Donald Trump loses?
For all Donald Trump’s dark pronouncements about immigrants and Muslims and the sporadic fistfights at his rallies, the Republican front runner has so far channeled the rage and fear felt by his constituents into an election campaign. Violence is never far from the surface at a Trump rally, and

[Salon Books] “Was TotalF* already taken?”: Matt Bai’s spot-on jab to pollster Frank Luntz about new Republican Convention web page
Conservative strategist Frank Luntz announced on his Twitter Friday that the Republican National Convention created a page on its website to "prepare voters for a contested convention" in July: The "new web site" is simply an added page on the

[Salon Books] Judge won’t put brakes on Uber case: Price-fixing lawsuit against car service still alive
Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, who is being sued over alleged price-fixing by his popular ride-sharing service, has failed in his effort to have the suit against him dismissed, Gothamist reports. The class-action suit, brought by Spencer Meyer, of Connecticut, in December 2015, claims

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