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[The Millions] February Preview: The Millions Most Anticipated (This Month)
We wouldn’t dream of abandoning our vast semi–annual Most Anticipated Book Previews, but we thought a monthly reminder would be helpful (and give us a chance to note titles we missed the first time around).  Here’s what we’re looking out for this month — for more February titles,

[Guardian Books Blog] Ivanka Trump, Wayne Rooney and the art of the bad book deal
Estimates suggest her book Women Who Work is a long way from earning out its gigantic advance – putting its author in some interesting companyEstimates are out for how much publisher Portfolio might have lost on Ivanka Trump’s book, and they won’t be happy reading for the US’s “first

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: This line in Trump’s State of the Union
Trump’s speech is already a white nationalist rallying cry

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: National Book Awards adds prize for translated books; Barbara Kingsolver working on new novel
The National Book Awards is adding a new prize for translated books. Beginning this year, the new category “will honor a work of fiction or nonfiction that has been translated into English and published in the U.S.” National Book Foundation director Lisa Lucas talked to the New York Times about

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Palestinian author Huzama Habayeb talks about her novel, the medal and Jerusalem

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Ever more disconnected
The problem with calling

[The Millions] Joseph Cassara Wants His Characters to Break Your Heart
The Puerto Rican drag queen is a recognizable personification of New York in the 1980s, the neighbor (and opposite) of the white, Gordon Gekko-style master of the universe with his slicked-back hair. In The House of Impossible Beauties, debut novelist Joseph Cassara brings this stock character into

[The Millions] 2018 International Dylan Thomas Prize Longlist Announced
  The International Dylan Thomas Prize has announced their 2018 longlist. Named after Dylan Thomas, who died at 39, the prize is awarded for the best literary work published in English by an author aged 39 or under. The 12-book longlist included eight novels, two short story collections, and

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Dealing with the Mueller investigation
Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre is happening right before our eyes

[The Millions] Must-Read Poetry: February 2018
Here are six notable books of poetry publishing in February. Giant by Richard Georges Giant begins with how the “gods of our fathers rose” from the “unlighted deep.” The ocean “splashed about their groaning limbs, / foaming and licking their creaking bodies / stippled with black

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Convicting the innocent
Why does our justice system fight so hard to keep innocent people behind bars?

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Gawker content archived ahead of auction; Joseph Cassara on the erasure of queer history
The Freedom of the Press Foundation has partnered with Archive-It to collect the work of Gawker and LA Weekly, as well as other news outlets and websites that may be threatened by purchase “by a hostile party.” Former Time executive editor Siobhan O’Connor is joining Medium as the company’s

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Why Trump Is Not a Fascist: A Conversation with Vivek Chibber and Achin Vanaik

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: So stunning
Planned and executed

[The Millions] László Krasznahorkai’s ‘The World Goes On’ Stands in Defiance to Its Own Despair
When Americans read innovative Eastern or Central European fiction, their minds often linger on three or four particularly phenomenal and unique writers—Nikolai Gogol, Mikhail Bulgakov, and Franz Kafka—and their distinct but related strains of surrealist writing. When American readers first

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: What Trump is breaking
Some reasons for optimism in a time of darkness

[The Millions] How to Beat Bias Againist the News? Libraries
Lisa Eve Cheby argues that one of the best ways to beat ‘fake news’ claims (which is really media illiteracy) is to fund more libraries. Read the rest of her argument in Entropy. I’m certainly convinced. The post How to Beat Bias Againist the News? Libraries appeared first on The

[The Millions] On Packing a Library
“Many times, I’ve found that a book I once held in my hands becomes another when assigned its position in my library.” In The Paris Review, an excerpt on the art of packing (and unpacking) a library from Alberto Manguel‘s upcoming book, Packing My Library: An Elegy and Ten

[The Millions] Next Stop: The Perfect Book
“I don’t want to settle for distraction; I want to look forward to reading my book with the palpitating excitement of a second date with someone I’ve already fallen for. I want to miss my stop. Ideally, I’ll miss a few.” While it can be easy to spot a beach, airplane, or cabin

[The Millions] Reading Aloud and Clear
“My wife likes to drive. I like to read aloud. So, she takes me places, and I take her places. It’s a match made in heaven — or at least in a Honda.” In honor of World Read Aloud Day, book critic Ron Charles writes about his love of reading out loud for the Washington Post. Pair

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Rose McGowan Cancels Book Tour; Publishers Man Booker to Stop Considering American Authors
Margaret Atwood explains why, even as Huly plans a second season of A Handmaid’s Tale, she’s not making money off of the rights to her 1985 novel. “I think if you’re trying to figure out how to weave together 250 people’s different memories, and arrange them, there’s no better model than

[The Millions] A Brief Caribbean Reading List
Among the string of islands known as the Lesser Antilles lies St. Lucia, famous for the picturesque twin volcanic peaks—Gros Piton and Petit Piton—that rise sharply from the sea. Beyond the beaches and lush rainforests that draw tourists are the simple villages and remnants of a colonial past

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: The Odd Couple
Sigrid Nunez’s novel of a writer and her dog

[Guardian Books Blog] Poem of the week: The Light, Changed by Yves Bonnefoy
An intense, short reflection conjures a paradoxically worldly sense of the sacredThe Light, Changed by Yves BonnefoyWe no longer see each other in the same light,We no longer have the same eyes, the same hands.The tree is closer, and the water’s voice more lively,Our steps go deeper now, among the

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The only thing the Nunes memo proves
Trump’s brazen war on the FBI defies history

[Guardian Books Blog] Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?
Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of themAre you on Instagram? Then you can be featured here by tagging your books-related posts with #GuardianBooksScroll down for our favourite literary linksRead more Tips, links and suggestions blogsWelcome to this week’s blog.

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Rose McGowan in Conversation with Ronan Farrow: BRAVE

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Forget most
Surprising argument for extending

[The Millions] Cat Videos and #MeToo
“We use the nature we find, then make up the rest,” goes a line by Alexis Madrigal, my favorite sentence in an anthology of writing about cat videos, Cat is Art Spelled Wrong. Actually, I would add, using nature and making it up often amount to the same thing. Nature is largely alien to us, yet

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The end of the NFL
The Super Bowl might be a capitalist bonanza, but its creation was the ultimate socialist act

[Guardian Books Blog] Reading group: Memento Mori by Muriel Spark is February's choice
Loved by Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, it’s emerged as readers’ favourite, too, so we should be in for some macabre funMemento Mori has emerged as your preferred Muriel Spark novel for this month’s reading group, with A Far Cry from Kensington close behind.Originally published in 1959,

[The Millions] Tuesday New Release Day: Nunez; Jones; Cassara; Mailhot; Halliday; Lazarin; Cantú; Oloomi; Smith
Out this week: The Friend by Sigrid Nunez; An American Marriage by Tayari Jones; House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara; Heart Berries by Terese Mailhot; Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday; Back Talk by Danielle Lazarin; The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantú; Call Me

[The Millions] A 350th-Anniversary ‘Paradise Lost’ Reading List
Before John Milton could be a visionary writer, first he had to be a visionary reader. All poetry is supported by the accumulated scaffolding of tradition and defines itself in part by subverting that tradition. Milton was simultaneously partisan for and a rebel against tradition. And if it’s true

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: God made Trump president
No, Christians do not face looming persecution in America

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Editorial turnover at “Newsweek”; Emily Chang on writing “Brotopia”
Newsweek editor in chief Bob Roe, executive editor Ken Li, reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul, and International Business Times editor Josh O’Keefe were all fired yesterday, the Daily Beast reports. Anonymous employees noted that four of the fired staff had recently written about the company’s

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Gearing up for third financial crash
Wall Street learned to stop worrying and love Trump

[Book Forum] SYLLABI: Laura Smith: Marriage Reimagined

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Daniel Ellsberg: "The Doomsday Machine" | Talks at Google

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: About to fall
Taking place under the pretense

[The Millions] Pygmalion President: Trump and the Ancient Myth of the Perfect Woman
1. Two millennia ago in the Metamorphoses Ovid recounted the myth of Pygmalion, a hater of women. Disgusted with the Propoetides, who become the first women to prostitute themselves, he sculpts a flawless ivory maiden: Offended by the faults nature gave in full to the female mind, he lived as a

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: #MeToo isn’t enough
The #MeToo conversation is making people uncomfortable

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The Republican Party is a threat to democratic values
The problems in American democracy run far deeper than Trump

[The Millions] Carrie Fisher’s ‘The Princess Diarist’ One Year Later
In the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death following an in-flight heart attack last year, she left the last of 15 books, The Princess Diarist.  The book deals, perhaps fittingly, with the cultural events that first made her famous—the filming of the original Star Wars and the relationship she had

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The debate over Amazon’s HQ2
When cities compete to attract big employers, the country as a whole suffers

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Megan Greenwell hired as Deadspin editor; Tronc plans to sell the “Los Angeles Times”
Megan Greenwell has been hired as the editor in chief of Deadspin, Gizmodo Media Group’s sports website. Greenwell, the first woman to take on the role, is replacing Tim Marchman, who now leads the company’s Special Projects desk.   Tyra Banks and her mother Carolyn London are writing a book

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Trump is playing
Where do Republicans go from here?

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Beverly Daniel Tatum

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Whether or not
What’s in a name?

[The Millions] A Small Flame in the Dark: On Jenny Erpenbeck’s ‘Go, Went, Gone’
“People have always moved. The story of humanity is essentially a story of movement.” —Patrick Kingsley, The New Odyssey Some of the romance of my life in Rome was the view out my apartment’s windows: two medieval churches, cobblestone roads, the Colosseum if I stuck my head out,

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: In Appalachia
Who will advocate for West Virginia?

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