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Lifetime collection of Buffalo's earliest books finds a home at UB
But the government documents, books and other materials offer a rare glimpse into a nearly lost time - Buffalo's earliest years between 1812 and 1875. The first book ever printed in Buffalo, published in 1812, when the community was a battleground, is ...

Books: John Scalzi on writing the future during the age of Trump; LA murals, lost and found; a review of Michael ...
Books: John Scalzi on writing the future during the age of Trump; LA murals, lost and found; a review of Michael ...

Publishing houses in Athens struggle as book stores close down without paying their dues
Independent publishing house Opera has been in business on Koletti Street in the downtown Athens district of Exarchia since 1996. Over the past seven years, proprietor Giorgos Myresiotis has seen 13 small publishers and book stores along this side ...

Disney Publishing Worldwide develops original, award-winning content including books, magazines, and comic books. Its products are printed in more than 85 languages across 103 countries, and it is considered the largest publisher of children's books ...

Reading books may add years to your life, but news articles don't count (... sorry)
Avni Bavishi, the academic who led the study, says that the team made this association after conducting a survival analysis, which showed that reading books confers an advantage, even after adjusting for age, sex, race, education, wealth, marital ...

Is the 'Cat in the Hat' racist? Yes, and other kids books are too, says professor.
He castigates the clubby children's book publishing industry, where the vast majority of writers, editors and publishers (89 percent, in one survey) are white, for the marginalization of books that feature black, Hispanic and Asian characters. Nel's ...

The characters in these series – for ages 3 to 14 – are worth revisiting
Both books are from Scholastic, ages 4 and up. Aaron Blecha's “Good Morning, Grizzle Grump!” provides as much read-aloud pleasure as “Goodnight, Grizzle Grump.” At last view, Grizzle Grump was headed toward hibernation. In the sequel, he's “in search ...

Open Book: Unmaking the Persians
It was in March 2017 that Liana Levi, of the independent French publishing house that bears her name, came to Sandra and Sandro Ferri with Disoriental, a debut novel by Négar Djavadi, a French-Iranian screenwriter. Levi and the Ferris, owners and ...

2000 Books Must Go! Friends of Library Holds Annual Used Book Sale
If you love books, this deal is for you. The Alpena County Library is currently hosting it's 27th Annual Used Book Sale for locals to grab their favorite books. Early birds were able to grab their choice of fiction, non–fiction, cook books, classical ...

To Hit a Passer and 'To Kill a Mockingbird': A Linebacker's Two Sides
The assigned books — “The Alchemist'' and “To Kill A Mockingbird” — were dissected by dozens of fans and Kennard himself. One young man commented about the struggles he felt transitioning into adulthood. A college freshman wrote about being ...

How YA Twitter Is Trying To Dismantle White Supremacy, One Book At A Time
Books have shaped the minds of American youth for centuries. And because books can have such a profound impact upon young minds, it is critical to take a hard look at book publishing's culture and agenda and make sure that it is reflective of America ...

One on One with…Children's book author Emily Coye
Emily: Honestly, I never had any intention on writing and publishing a book. I have always been creative and spent much of my childhood making up silly songs, rhymes, and stories, but being an author never crossed my mind. One day, about six years ago ...

Local 10 Big Book Drive helps distribute more than 27000 books since May
PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Since the Local 10 Big Book Drive in May, more than 27,000 books have been distributed to South Florida nonprofits serving children. In June, just before classes went on summer recess, Local 10 distributed thousands of books to ...

Hard-Won Advice in Books on Aging and Elder Care
In the wake of those articles, you wrote in, hundreds of you, with harrowing stories and hard-won advice, more of which I intend to present in future columns. But a smaller number of people wrote in unprompted to assign me homework — books that they ...

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