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Caprock Chronicles: Fighting the Great Textbook War of 1930
The favorable weather of the 1920s had bolstered the region's productivity, and the chamber continued to promote opportunities for settlers in the region by countering the negative textbook images. With concessions from the large book publishers that ...

5 Novels Selected To Vie as Best of the Booker Prize Winners
Three of the shortlisted books hail from the United Kingdom, with Mr. Ondaatje's coming from Canada and Mr. Saunders's from the United States. The short list “showcases what the Man Booker Prize is all about: fiction of the highest quality,” said ...

Trading self-publishing for a road trip from St. Petersburg to Hood River
One of the great benefits of self-publishing is not having to wait around for months and months for your publisher to lay out your book, change the title three times, design a cover, and shuffle whatever stacks of papers big corporations shuffle before ...

Interview: Publishing Director Tom Walker on the Love Folio Society Gives to Horror Novels
Founded in 1947, the London-based publisher aims to release editions that should be “…presented in a form worthy of their contents.” Painstakingly crafted, each book that they release takes months, if not years, for a final product to be agreed upon ...

All the books Bill Gates has recommended over the last eight years
Quartz manually compiled all 186 of the books mentioned on his blog, which dates back to January 2010, and organized them by topic. We've included all titles, even those of which Gates was mostly critical, like Matt Ridley's The Rational Optimist. But ...

Local kindergartners write, publish book
25 kindergartners from Colonel Howard Nichols Elementary school wrote and published a book. It's called "Our Pet Unicorn," and each student was responsible for writing a story and drawing a picture to go with it. Their teacher, Janet Brandon, said she ...

Rainbow Connection: LGBTQ Publishing 2018
The ninth one just wrapped up in Nottingham, U.K., in conjunction with the publisher's annual book festival. Some 30 authors joined editors and the publisher for large group sessions, small writing workshops, and social events. One new author had ...

Shifting Gears and Finding Indie Success
“I'm a storyteller, though, and in order to tell my stories in book form, I spent a lot of time self-educating before I pursued publishing.” Growing up, Nelson-Schmidt was a voracious reader; she credits Shel Silverstein with inspiring her lifelong ...

Book Deals: Week of May 28, 2018
Sullivan's new book, sold by Meg Ruley at the Jane Rotrosen Agency, is about the true story of the Martel family, who fled Ukraine in the dying months of World War II and headed for Montana. The book, which is set for 2021, chronicles, the publisher ...

New Titles from Self-Publishers: May 2018
Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 100 self-published titles below. Each appears with a list of retailers that are selling the book and a description provided by its author. Some of these writers are waiting ...

Publishers Experiment with Netflix Tie-ins, New Formats
Licensed publishing is in a challenging phase as both retailing and entertainment distribution undergo significant transformations. For the most part, publishers can no longer rely on big movies or highly rated TV series to drive sales of licensed ...

New science books to read this weekend
Many people in the United States are looking forward to the first long weekend of the summer, filled with parades and remembrances of those who died in military service, time with family at a backyard cookout or lazing on a beach, and an extra 24 hours ...

Children's Books: Days When Reading Is the Stuff of Freedom
For children, the phrase “summer reading” has two meanings, one a lot sunnier than the other. The first pertains to the books that teachers oblige kids to get through before classes resume in September. However good such assigned reading may be, it can ...

Seniors share lifetime of memories in anthology book
Mahoney says the class isn't about getting into the book publishing industry. The story-packaging knowledge provided to students is directed to serving a limited audience, such as loved ones or even oneself as a way to relive experiences. For example ...

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