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Macmillan Publishers is a global trade book publishing company with prominent imprints around the world, publishing a broad range of award-winning books for children and adults in all categories and formats. Macmillan Publishers is committed to our ...

Why the YA book world is talking about dick soap
But today the section of Twitter concerned with young adult publishing has a lot to say about a very particular unsolicited dick — a purple one, made out of soap, with a suction cup — that made its way into a book box subscription featuring Sarah J ...

A hilarious new memoir reveals the absurd business of selling books today
Wigtown is a coastal “book town” in Scotland that features an Airbnb rental where bibliophiles can spend their vacation living out the romantic fantasy of running a bookstore. And indeed, according to Shaun Bythell, a year-round bookseller in the same ...

Bayswater Books Find of the Week: An odd juxtaposition
Our most recent “Find of the Week on the Used Book Floor” humorously examines the conflict between the health conscious part of our minds and our human needs/wants that say otherwise. To truly experience the levity of the discovery, you will first need ...

Finding Books for Teaching Social and Emotional Learning
Finding Books for Teaching Social and Emotional Learning. Publishers discuss how they market and promote titles with SEL themes. By Shannon Maughan. Aug 17, 2018. Children's publishers tell us about some of their recent efforts to market and promote ...

George Pelecanos Knows Why Inmates Need Books
“When he read a book, the door to his cell was open,” Pelecanos writes. “He could step right through it. He could walk those hills under that big blue sky. Breathe the fresh air around him. See the shadows moving over the trees. When he read a book, he ...

Kids back to school? Books and workshops for your new time
Publishers Lunch says critics had raised concerns about the book's recipes using raw ingredients including morel mushrooms and elderberries, and unleached acorns. The newsletter also notes that Holmgren (social media handle Fox Meets Bear) has a ...

Now that Hollywood is interested in Asian stories, here are other books that should be movies
As a Korean American, I grew up yearning to see actors who looked like me. On the rare occasions I saw an Asian celebrity, I adored them unflaggingly. I can count those figures on one hand: champion figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, the yellow Power ...

Décor trend takes books beyond the shelves
Some people adore having favorite books on shelves throughout their homes as totems of their literary life or their studies. But today, like it or not, many books are bought by the box, by the yard or by color. Sometimes a book is only bought for its ...

Las Vegas sports books take Eagles bets off the board after Nick Foles injury in preseason
The backup quarterback has always been called the most popular guy in town, but in 2017, Nick Foles proved how truly important the position is in the modern NFL, catching fire and helping the Eagles to the franchise's first-ever Super Bowl win in the ...

Slideshow: Check out this week's best-selling books
Print-book data providers include all major booksellers and Web retailers, and food stores. E-book data providers include all major e-book retailers. Free e-books and those sold for less than 99 cents are excluded. The fiction and nonfiction lists in ...

Charming, Plucky Picture Books That Ease Back-to-Class Jitters
“I'm not going” is a phrase parents dread this time of year, but a book as clever and friendly as this one may ease the situation. As the first day of school dawns, Mae is holding out, arms crossed, imagining disaster as her mom and dad hustle her out ...

Art, Books and Paddles
Guild Hall in East Hampton, N.Y., previewed an Ellsworth Kelly exhibit at its summer gala on Aug. 10. From left, Derrick Adams, Iris Smyles and Michael Chuapoco. Rebecca Smeyne for The New York Times ...

"Shark Tank" meets book publishing
In the spirit of fun and fostering the Boston publishing scene, the MIT Press is hosting its first-ever Pitchfest competition. Pitchfest will give six contestants the opportunity to present their best science or technology book idea before a panel of ...

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