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The Best New Children's Books
Mark Twain didn't write stories for children. He did, however, tell stories to children. One night in 1879, when the Twain family was staying in a hotel in Paris, his daughters Clara and Susy asked their father to invent a tale using, as his starting ...

NYC author likes to look for his own books at the bookstore
All of my John Corey books are set in the city [Corey is a detective and recurring character in DeMille's books, first appearing in the 1997 thriller “Plum Island”], so when I'm in the city on the weekend, I try to go to places that I'm writing about ...

Fall's Best Coffee Table Books Aren't All About Interiors
As temperatures drop and fall starts to make her presence known, the urge to buy new books becomes instinctual. There's something about coffee table books in particular that call out to us during this 'other' beginning of the near year. They are ...

Poet, Alum ET Milligan will speak in Natchitoche
Milligan founded his own book publishing company, ETM Book Publishing Company, in 2005. He has been the recipient of numerous recognitions including Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities, Outstanding Young Men in America and ...

Pulling faces from phones and putting them in books
The masterminds behind this creative method of book reports are English teachers Janet Ross and Marina Shankle. Designed to spur interest in reading inside and outside of the classroom, their new reading program allows students to choose what books ...

Friends, family of man found dead under pile of books in burning building still searching for answers
"The people around here that used him for buying books, older books, some of them probably don't even know what has happened yet,” Fred Pahlke, the owner of the building, said. Pahlke said Hays rented the space from him for 14 years, until his life was ...

How Books Designed for Soldiers' Pockets Changed Publishing Forever
These books improved soldiers' lives, offering them entertainment and comfort during long deployments. By the time the war ended, they'd also transformed the publishing industry, turning the cheap, lowly paperback into an all-American symbol of ...

Bookmark: In the event of a catastrophe, which books would you save?
With Hurricane Irma headed straight for her house, Connie Ogle had to make some tough decisions. The most excruciating: Which books would she take? Which books would have to stay? And was there any way to protect the ones left behind? Ogle writes ...

9 of the most anticipated books of fall
Today is the first day of autumn and with it comes memories of returning to school, picking up a class syllabus and scanning it excitedly for the required reading list; the eager anticipation to devour the books and later discuss them palpable in the ...

17 of America's most surprising banned books
Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic series about a man living in the jungle was pulled from the shelves of a public library in the appropriately named town of Tarzana, California. Authorities thought the adventure stories unsuitable for youngsters, since ...

Thou Shalt Not Steal Books
I wasn't a book boy. I did have a child's picture book of Moby Dick. Probably 25 words a page, very colorful drawings, 30 big pages total? My favorite, and only. I loved it. I have no idea how it got in my possession. I didn't steal it, I say to assure ...

'Coming together for the love of books'
“First, we wanted to bring people together to talk about books, people who write books and read books and what it is about the creative process that inspires us. Second, we wanted to bring something to Harbor during the shoulder season. Summer is over ...

PW Picks: Books of the Week, September 25, 2017
Journalist Bruder (Burning Book) expands on an article originally published in Harper's where she examined the phenomenon of aging Americans adjusting to an economic climate in which they can't afford to retire. Many among them have discarded “stick ...

'I Can Fix That': Kimberly teacher publishes children's book
After writing the draft for his first book, Butler set out to find a publisher, a task that would turn out to take up a lot more time. Butler found many publishers weren't accepting manuscripts or weren't interested in children's books. But one night ...

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