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Steal Your Summer Reading List From Hillary Clinton
Yesterday, the Cut reported that during a speech at the American Library Association conference, Hillary Clinton listed all of the books she's been reading with her unexpected time off since November, saying that besides for going on hikes and drinking ...

Michael Bond, Creator Of Paddington Bear Books, Dies At 91
Michael Bond, creator of the beloved Paddington Bear books, died Tuesday at 91. The classic children's book character is a scruffy little bear prone to accidents, but he means well. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: The story goes that Michael Bond saw a teddy bear ...

Ancient City author wins national book award
“Final Departure: Death is Never on Time,” a novel written by local author Jeff Walton, was declared a 2017 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner in the Religion Category at the Independent Book Publishers Association 29th annual awards ceremony in ...

Rahm Emanuel's summer reading list: No beach books for the mayor
In his literary life he's a networker, sharing books with Chicago Ald. Edward Burke and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. He's a campaigner, offering up book recommendations to strangers on the "L." He's ambitious, plowing through thick works of ...

Younger Returns With Its Deceit Intact
Lisa works in a book-publishing world that's 1,000 times more glamorous than the actual book-publishing world; she lives in a spacious, artsy loft in a glossier version of Brooklyn; and she dates a super-hot tattoo artist when she isn't grappling with ...

Sarah Jessica Parker picks first book for her publishing imprint | New ...
Sarah Jessica Parker picks first book for her publishing imprint | New ...

Books in brief
How did our understanding of mass evolve from the geometric atoms of ancient Greece to the quantum ghostliness of today? Jim Baggott ingeniously contextualizes that eventful science history. He evokes successive world views as crucibles for the ...

Books we can't wait to read in the rest of 2017
The days are—imperceptibly—getting shorter. We are officially sliding into the second half of 2017, which means it's time for our second list of books we can't wait to read. While I was compiling this list, I happened across an essay by the wise and ...

Flyers may soon have their books and magazines screened
Last month, America's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ran tests at airports in California and Missouri that required passengers to remove all books and magazines from their carry-on bags and put them in plastic bins to be x-rayed. John ...

Anastacia-Reneé Is Doing Something Almost No Writers Do: Publishing Three Books in One Year
You know what makes Anastacia-Reneé shake her head and stare off into the middle distance? The game. "If you're a little over 30, you grew up in the game," she tells me over a Pimm's Cup and a bowl of pretty good olives at Cafe Presse. "From the moment ...

Crown Starts New Nonfiction Imprint, Currency
The imprint will be led by Tina Constable and, according to Mavjee “will be a nonfiction imprint dedicated to publishing both narrative-driven and practical books by thought leaders across a range of creative disciplines to help us navigate and succeed ...

101 Books That TED Speakers Think You'll Enjoy This Summer
Want to spend your summer vacation getting inspired, smarter, healthier--or just want to be swept away by an amazing story of adventure or love? Do you want fun and crowd-pleasing recipes for summer entertaining, art books that make ideal gifts, or ...

Bellingham comic book publisher branches into board games
If you read comics, some of your favorites may have been published right here in Bellingham. Space Goat Productions works with major companies like DC Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics to publish comic books, graphic novels and, now, board games ...

Board Books to Get Babies Talking
The board book — sized to fit comfortably in the hands of a baby or toddler, and with chunky pages that can't be ripped — has to be one of the greatest innovations of the print era. Reading to a baby every day is so much easier when you don't have to ...

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