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[Salon Books] When elections lead to violence: It's happened before — and we're heading that way now
Scholar Nathan Kalmoe on how partisan division fueled bloody conflict in the 1860s — and how it could happen again

[The Millions] Ocean Vuong on Being a Participant in Creation
On the latest episode of Jordan Kisner‘’s Thresholds Podcast on Lit Hub Radio, Ocean Vuong discusses the ideas surrounding language and creation that went into his most recent book, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. “So much of our culture is bent on fighting David and Goliath,

[Book Forum] Hannah Black on the history and future of tenant organizing; Akwaeke Emezi and Esmé Weijun Wang in conversation
Hannah Black discusses /> why rent strikes are so difficult to organize on a large scale, and looks to the possibilities of current

[The Millions] Over the Brink of Disaster: The Millions Interviews Elisa Gabbert
Elisa Gabbert didn’t know she would be living through a global pandemic when she sat down to write The Unreality of Memory, her latest essay collection, which takes great interest in how people live through disasters and process their experiences. But the book, which the poet and essayist

[Book Forum] Niela Orr on Robyn Crawford’s memoir of Whitney Houston; Sarah M. Broom in conversation with Imani Perry
New York Times editor Jazmine Hughes is taking on a new role />, in which she will be writing full time for the paper and for the New York Times Magazine.

[The Millions] How ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Saved My Life
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy wastes no time putting its earthbound readers in their place. “Uncharted.” “Unfashionable.” “Unregarded.” That’s how Douglas Adams describes our interstellar neighborhood in the first sentence of the book. Then he

[Book Forum] Known Unknowns
The question of whether they did it--the abominable act--doesn’t apply only to victims of torture. When drone operators Westmoreland and Bryant tell us they killed hundreds of civilians, while the

[Salon Books] The dark and biting "Luster," plus 5 more provocative must-reads for August
Go on one doppelganger's absurdist adventure, investigate a mysterious death, and more this month

[The Millions] Nate Marshall on Translating the Life Onto the Page
Poet Nate Marshall spoke to Scott Simon at NPR about his new collection, Finna, and the ways the form has informed his perspective on the world. “I’ll tell you the point at which I knew I was a poet,” Marshall says. “I was 16, it was maybe a few weeks after my grandmother

[Book Forum] Actions in journalism are distinct from solidarity statements; Shruti Swamy in conversation with Kiese Laymon
At the Engaged Journalism Lab, a guide to how journalists and those who fund them can act in solidarity with marginalized communities /

[Salon Books] Mary Trump to her Uncle Donald's supporters: If you care about him, get him out of the Oval Office
Psychologist and bestselling author says her uncle can't help being cruel — but his enablers should know better

[The Millions] The Millions Top Ten: July 2020
We spend plenty of time here on The Millions telling all of you what we’ve been reading, but we are also quite interested in hearing about what you’ve been reading. By looking at our Amazon stats, we can see what books Millions readers have been buying, and we decided it would be fun to use

[Book Forum] A look at the crackdown on independent media in Belarus; Akwaeke Emezi discusses writing as a poet
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai looks at /> the crackdown on independent media in Belarus, as

[Guardian Books Blog] Reading group: A Taste for Death by PD James is our book for August
James’s acclaimed novel sees detective Adam Dalgliesh embroiled in a secretive and unhappy aristocratic family – please join us as we readA Taste for Death by PD James has won our vote and will be our reading group choice for this month.That’s good news. James’s 1986 novel is considered one

[The Millions] Tuesday New Release Day: Starring Gabbert, Manne, Marshall, and More
Here’s a quick look at some notable books—new titles from the likes of Elisa Gabbert, Kate Manne, Nate Marshall, and more—that are publishing this week. The Unreality of Memory by Elisa Gabbert Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about The Unreality of Memory: “In this

[Book Forum] After the Battle of Algiers
Born in New York, journalist and artist Elaine Mokhtefi became active in the youth movement for peace and justice in the early ’50s. In 1951, she went to Paris, where she first became aware of France’s

[Salon Books] The incredible saga of Baltimore's worst gang: an elite police squad gone bad
Reporters Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg on the ruthless crime spree of "America's most corrupt police squad"

[The Millions] Amitava Kumar, Collector of Writerly Advice Distilled Into One Line
At The New York Times, Amitava Kumar recounts how he began asking writers at literary festivals to sign copies of their books and add a line of valuable advice. “I began to see it not as self-help but, instead, as a glimpse into that particular writer’s mind,” he says. He’s

[Salon Books] From mansplainers to sexual assaulters, Kate Manne explains how society empowers men to harm women
It may be uncomfortable, but it's important to say it: Sexism exists because men benefit from women's oppression

[Book Forum] Amitava Kumar’s collection of pithy writing advice from admired authors; Eugene Lim sells new novel to Coffee House Press
Yale University Press has released the stunning, birds-in-flight cover design /> for Susan Bernofsky />’s forthcoming,

[Guardian Books Blog] Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?
Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of themAre you on Instagram? Then you can be featured here by tagging your books-related posts with #GuardianBooksScroll down for our favourite literary linksRead more Tips, links and suggestions blogsWelcome to this week’s

[The Millions] The Time My Grandma Was in ‘Playboy’
It’s the kind of startling revelation that seems a little too good to be true: that at some point prior to the mid-1970s, my grandmother—wife, mother, and pillar of her midwestern community—was featured in Playboy magazine. Not as a centerfold, but as a writer. I first learned of this a

[Guardian Books Blog] Poem of the week: The Ancestors by Jackie Wills
Cheerful and anarchic, the forebears here are still intriguing and mysteriousThe Ancestorsare having a summit –they chase around the gardendisturbing hens. Continue reading...

[Salon Books] Going back to school? Don’t forget to ditch gender norms
A new study says kids who defy gender stereotypes do better in school. They also tend to be more creative

[The Millions] Morgan Jerkins on Exposing History’s Omissions
At Lit Hub, Morgan Jerkins reflects on the importance of researching and telling her family’s story, as seen in her new book, Wandering in Strange Lands: A Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her Roots. “The closer I moved towards my subjects and their homelands, the more intimate

[Book Forum] Isabel Wilkerson on the US caste system; David Varno named president of the National Book Critics Circle
Simon & Schuster has released the financial report for the second quarter of 2020--the first such report released since Jonathan Karp took over as CEO of the publisher. The report shows that revenue

[The Millions] My First Year as a Mother, I Only Read Women Authors. Here’s What I Learned.
When I was six months pregnant, I moved across the world, and I found myself thinking a lot about containers. First, in order to move I had to put everything I owned, including books, into containers. Then those containers had to be loaded into a shipping container that went across the Atlantic. My

[Book Forum] Looking back at the US bombing of Hiroshima; Mychal Denzel Smith on the failures of incrementalism
NPR interviews /> Washington Post writer Margaret Sullivan about the decline of local news. Her

[Salon Books] Man-baby smashes democracy: Daniel Drezner on our "Toddler in Chief"
Tantrums, poor impulse control, short attention span, oppositional behavior — unfortunately, it all fits

[The Millions] Must-Read Poetry: August 2020
Here are six notable books of poetry publishing this month. Guillotine by Eduardo C. Corral An excellent second collection. “Testaments Scratched into a Water Station Barrel,” an ambitious sequence told in shifting intervals, tells the story of those crossing the border from Mexico to Arizona.

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