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[Book Forum] Substack offers $100,000 in grants to writers; Samantha Irby on who she wants to read her book
Wow, No Thank You author Samantha Irby tells /> Literary Hub about late night writing, Gone Girl, and who she wants to

[The Millions] Best Translated Book Awards Names 2020 Longlists
In its 13th year of honoring literature in translation, the Best Translated Book Awards named its 2020 longlists for fiction and poetry. Announced exclusively here at The Millions, the BTBA longlists feature a diverse group of authors and translators from a variety of publishers, both large and

[Salon Books] On a mission to make America bake again
"Rage Baking" authors Kathy Gunst and Katherine Alford on baking hope out of fury, making community & social change

[Guardian Books Blog] Reading group: what book should we read to cheer us up in April?
It can be exhilarating, romantic, or just plain funny – but it needs to make us happy. Leave your nominations in the commentsThere are plenty of things we want to avoid spreading at the moment – but at least we can share a little joy. So for this month’s reading group, tell us about a book

[Book Forum] Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards winners announced; Breanne Fahs on anger and love
“Bookstores are the kind of lifelines that often go unnoticed, are underestimated, are underutilized. We serve ideas and people. Ideas and people. We are so much more than just commerce,” writes /

[The Millions] Tuesday New Release Day: Starring Wink, Washburn, and More
Here’s a quick look at some notable books—new titles from the likes of Callan Wink, Kawai Strong Washburn, Alexandra Chang, Fernanda Melchior, César Aira, and more—that are publishing this week. Want to learn more about upcoming titles? Then go read our most recent book preview. Want to

[Book Forum] “I never thought of myself as an ‘influencer.’”
In the preface to your first book, Eve’s Hollywood, you write, “I believe that places should be capitalized . . . West, especially, is a serious place that should ALWAYS be capitalized. It also sounds

[The Millions] Cleaning Up After W.H. Auden
If you’re growing more and more annoyed with your roommate during the quarantine, comfort yourself with the knowledge that, at the very least, you’re not living with W.H. Auden. At the Paris Review, Seamus Perry provides an overview of Auden’s slovenly living habits. His friend

[Guardian Books Blog] Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?
Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of them Are you on Instagram? Then you can be featured here by tagging your books-related posts with #GuardianBooksScroll down for our favourite literary linksRead more Tips, links and suggestions blogsWelcome to this week’s

[The Millions] How to Survive the End of the World with Jenny Offill
My family and I walked to a few different stores in our neighborhood today, in search of bananas and fresh air. I love bananas and we’d run out, but there aren’t bananas anywhere right now. Finally I found some on the counter next to the register in a liquor store: 75 cents each. I bought four.

[Book Forum] Powell’s Books rehires 100 employees; Ron Charles recommends new books for “life under lockdown”
On Friday, Powell’s Books, which laid off most of its workers earlier this month, has rehired more than one hundred employees />

[Book Forum] Powell's Bookstore Re-hires 100 Employees; Ron Charles Recommends New Books for "Life Under Lockdown"
On Friday, Powell’s Books, which laid off most of its workers earlier this month, has rehired more than one hundred employees />

[Book Forum] Fernanda Melchor’s many-voiced Mexican noir
While working as a journalist in Veracruz, Fernanda Melchor came across a report of a body found in a ditch outside a small village. A detail stood out: The victim was a known witch, and the suspect,

[Book Forum] Bookforum talks with Percival Everett.
Greil Marcus: Starting in 1983 with Suder, you’ve published, I think, twenty-five books of fiction. In your new novel, Telephone (Graywolf, $16), the narrator is a geologist; one day, playing chess

[Book Forum] The season’s outstanding art books
Susan Meiselas joined the famed photo agency Magnum in 1976; the women already on board were Eve Arnold, Mary Ellen Mark, Inge Morath, Abigail Heyman, and Jill Freedman. Three black-and-white photobooks

[Book Forum] A new book and exhibition tracks the life of an elusive fin de siècle genius
Two portraits of Félix Fénéon bookend his wide-ranging life and deeds. One, a highly stylized canvas by Paul Signac (1890) of the man as art critic, shows a “decorative Félix,” in gangly, goateed

[Book Forum] Harry Dodge’s giddy exploration of consciousness
Where most autotheory centers the life of the mind, Harry Dodge’s new memoir goes a step further, taking the mind as its matter and, to some extent, its form. The book is a brain! A peripheral brain

[Book Forum] Ben Katchor’s paradise lost
A man is what he eats. So wrote the nineteenth-century German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, and such is the premise underlying Ben Katchor’s monumental illustrated book The Dairy Restaurant. Opening

[Book Forum] Memory
In 1971, for the month of July, powerhouse poet Bernadette Mayer documented her life by shooting a roll of 35 mm film every day and writing down as many experiences, ideas, observations, feelings, and

[Book Forum] James Shapiro’s study of Shakespeare in American culture
The most popular honorary American of all time is unquestionably Jesus of Nazareth. But Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro’s latest book makes a lively case for Will as the man from Galilee’s perennial

[Book Forum] Proving Ground
Throughout 2015 and 2016, the US Army set off multiple clouds of deadly chlorine gas, not in some secret location in the Middle East or Afghanistan, but about an hour’s drive south of Salt Lake City.

[Book Forum] Katie Roiphe’s unresolved musings on women and power
Katie Roiphe is someone who, by her own account, writes prose as if heading into combat: She describes her preferred authorial voice as “a vehicle, a tank.” But a while back she began to feel something

[Book Forum] Michael Rips explores the mysterious world of a legendary secondhand market
The last particule of the once-sprawling Chelsea Flea Market closed down on December 29, 2019. That remnant occupied a parking lot on 25th Street, between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, but earlier the

[Book Forum] Season of the Witch
While working as a journalist in Veracruz, Fernanda Melchor came across a report of a body found in a ditch outside a small village. A detail stood out: The victim was a known witch, and the suspect,

[Book Forum] Naked Brunch
The next time I’m about to dine on a goat-cheese omelet I will pause to reflect on that first forkful. Images of hens in cramped cages stacked on top of each other, the rain of dung that pours down

[Book Forum] Two Lives
The characters in Sara Sligar’s Take Me Apart live in 2017, but it would be better to say that they live in “our contemporary moment,” a generic version of the Trump era, a time that artists and writers

[Book Forum] Robert Glück’s New Narrative novel of modern love and medieval devotion
At one point it was my good fortune to spend four summers working in Tuscany, surrounded by its heritage of religious art, and by the last visit, it occurred to me I was in possession of the kind of

[Book Forum] A vigorous new translation of Heinrich von Kleist’s classic novella
Heinrich von Kleist died by his own hand at the age of thirty-four. For a man whose life was plagued by failure, his suicide was a remarkable success. On November 20, 1811, two months after turning

[Book Forum] Emily Gould’s novel of music and motherhood in early 2000s New York City
Twelve years ago this May, then-twenty-six-year-old Emily Gould wrote a cover story for the New York Times Magazine, chronicling her addiction to, and subsequent disillusionment with, what was then

[Book Forum] Ottessa Moshfegh’s affecting meta-mystery
Ottessa Moshfegh is known for lacing her fiction with grossness and ugliness, for cursing her misfit characters with repugnant features, antisocial behavior, and a fascination with the nastier bodily

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