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[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Trump is remaking the federal courts
The brightest minds in Trump’s orbit will keep his legacy alive and thriving long after he is gone

[The Millions] Post-40 Bloomers: Marcie Rendon Creates Mirrors for Native People
The post was produced in partnership with Bloom, a literary site that features authors whose first books were published when they were 40 or older.  What is now recognized as the “first Thanksgiving” took place nearly 400 years ago, in 1621, when members of the Wampanoag tribe and Pilgrim

[Book Forum] VIDEO: The Leonard Lopate Show: John Banville on His New Novel 'Mrs. Osmond'

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Leading pick
Right to oppose

[Guardian Books Blog] Prescribed reading: Five of the best books by doctors
As Adam Kay’s This Is Going to Hurt wins a readers’ choice award, we recommend five other author physicians. Please add to our notesCongratulations to Adam Kay, who has triumphed in the Books Are My Bag awards as readers’ choice of the year. This Is Going to Hurt, his diary of life as a junior

[The Millions] 2017 Costa Book Awards Shortlist Announced
The Costa Book Awards announced the shortlist for the 2017 season. The award, which honors works by authors based in the UK and Ireland, is given in five categories: First Novel, Novel, Biography, Poetry, and Children’s Book. The shortlist included four writers in each category. This year,

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: The best books of 2017; Corey Robin and conservatism
Time magazine and Publishers Weekly have announced their picks for best books of 2017. The New York Times 100 notable books of the year list is expected to be published later today.     The Los Angeles Times Guild (a unionizing effort at the paper) has published an op-ed saying that their parent

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: The post-Weinstein moment
Sexual harassment is not a dealbreaker in today’s Republican Party

[The Millions] A Literary Tourist’s Fruitless Search for the Canadian Dissident Novel
You are a tourist to Canada in the season of book awards and writers’ festivals.  You have timed it this way.  You are a literary tourist, or a book lover, at least.  The kind of traveller who seeks out immersive cultural experiences.  Wherever you go, you do your homework.  It is a trip to

[Book Forum] DAILY REVIEW: Hit Parade
Writers choose the best books of the year.

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Of Russia probe
Russia’s social media meddling in the United States was just the tip of the iceberg

[The Millions] The Awe and Attention of Durga Chew-Bose
As I think is the case for most writers born after 1980, the first outlets to publish my work were online. To be more specific, they were blogs—online spaces that valued ideas and abstraction over narrative and detail. My writing followed an outline similar to the five-paragraph essay: here’s

[Book Forum] VIDEO: Linda Greenhouse with Anna Quindlen: Just a Journalist

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: A slippery slope
Awakening and its dangers

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: The Mooch’s failed book deal; Errin Haines Whack discusses reporting on race
Anthony Scaramucci has been shopping around a book proposal about his torrid ten days in the White House. The Mooch now says he won’t go through with writing the proposed volume, because publishers are only interested in a tell-all, something a “facts guy” and true “team player” like

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Fake news scandal
The future of truth and misinformation online

[Guardian Books Blog] Riddley Walker's post-apocalyptic Mr Punch
Deeply rooted in British culture, the anarchic puppet unsurprisingly caught the eye of American author Russell Hoban, and he gives him disturbingly vivid lifeRiddley Walker is an unusual book, written in a strange dialect, set in a mysterious, post-apocalyptic world and full of brutal, surprising

[The Millions] Tuesday New Release Day: Neruda; Ferlinghetti; Dostoevsky
Out this week: Venture of the Infinite Man by Pablo Neruda; Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Greatest Poems; and a new translation of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. For more on these and other new titles, go read our most recent book preview. The post Tuesday New Release Day: Neruda;

[The Millions] Anna Kavan’s Ice Age Dreams
Ice—the last novel Anna Kavan wrote before she was discovered dead with a syringe in her arm and her head resting on the case in which she kept her heroin—is a gem of speculative fiction. It is uncanny, hallucinatory, apocalyptic, a book crowded with glaciers and starlight. The novel’s

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Clash at the Supreme Court
A battle over the judiciary and the Trump presidency

[Book Forum] VIDEO: The Brooklyn Rail | Tell Me Something Good

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: Asking the same
No one will say it

[Book Forum] OMNIVORE: This sexual harassment hellscape
After Al Franken and Roy Moore, we are dangerously close to botching the #MeToo moment

[Guardian Books Blog] Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?
Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of themAre you on Instagram? Then you can be featured here by tagging your books-related posts with #GuardianBooksScroll down for our favourite literary linksRead more Tips, links and suggestions blogsWelcome to this week’s roundup

[The Millions] The Millions Has a New Look!
Welcome to the new look of! This is our first top-to-bottom redesign since way back in 2009 (has it been that long?) A redesign is always a big risk – change is hard for you and for us – but we recognized that as The Millions has evolved over the last eight years, there

[Guardian Books Blog] Poem of the week: Yoga for Leaders and Others by Philip Fried
Instructions for spiritual exercises are retooled as a manual for presenting political evasion in the most attractive lightYoga for Leaders and OthersMountain Pose Continue reading...

[Book Forum] PAPER TRAIL: Liz Phair Sells Memoir to Random House
Liz Phair, the musician who brought us the indie-rock classic Exile in Guyville, has signed a two-book deal with Random House. The first book, a memoir titled Horror Stories, will apparently detail her “experiences with fame, heartbreak, motherhood, and everything in between.” Garth Risk

[Book Forum] SYLLABI: Eric Banks: The Manson Family

[The Millions] The Return of Agatha Christie
“As much as there is an evergreen fascination for Christie’s stories, there’s also an alluring air of mystery surrounding the woman herself.” Broadly explores the enduring nature of Agatha Christie‘s stories, the recent surge in adaptations (including Murder on the

[The Millions] Footprints in the Snow
1. This will delete all the media and data, and reset all settings, my phone warned me. Yes. Are you sure to continue? All the media, data, settings will be deleted. This cannot be undone. Yes, I know. I’m also aware that my phone hasn’t been backed up for three months, because my free iCloud

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